Sunday, July 19, 2009

and THIS is American Idol.....

Jenny and i took time out from our busy day *eyeroll* to go see the American Idol tour last night. My friend Kathy won tickets and so kindly gave them to me. I love Kathy, she is my friend that i met in 2003 on a Breast Cancer website. We've been good friends ever since. We both enter tons of radio contests here in San Diego. We've got a good track record of wins too. In fact, next month, her and i are going to see Tom Jones (with tickets that she won).

Anyhow.... Jenny and i arrived early. Nope, not to see the Idols, but to find a place around the Sports Arena, so that we could park for free. The Sports Arena charges 20 bucks to park. Just ridiculous. There's some street parking, but you have to arrive early, which we did. We lucked out, and got one of the few remaining spots. So, we found a place on the steps to people watch, while we waited for the doors to open. My oh my, the amount of Adam fans that were there was just insane! I'm sure it was because he's from San Diego, but still!

The free seats we had were pretty bad, but we had a good view. The concert was pretty boring if you ask me. We went to last years tour (again with tickets that Kathy and I BOTH won), and it was just much more exciting. The sound system at the Sports Arena is horrid, always has been. If the Idols were singing a loud song, it was lost on me. Adam sang Mad World, which, i loved. i am NOT a fan of Adams, but i love his version of this song.

Kris, who won AI, was boring to me. they aren't marketing him the way they should be doing. its a shame.

overall, it was a fairly entertaining show, almost 3 hours long. It was a nice way to escape the heat, and thats where i'll end it.


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