Thursday, July 2, 2009

I can afford to be sick!

I'm so excited! i FINALLY got my paperwork for Medicare! Since i'm on Disability, after a 2 year wait, i am eligible for Medicare to start October 1st! this is going to make life here in the Tice household so much easier.

Right now, I am insured through Scottys job, Walmart. We get Health Net insurance. In the beginning it wasn't so bad. But, as with everything else, prices are going up. a few years ago, there was NO co-pay for an MRI. But this year, they want 300 dollars! Walmart takes 200 dollars out of each check, or 400 bucks a month. BIG money to us. With Medicare, it will be 96.40 a month for medical care, and 33 a month for Prescription Drug Coverage (aka Part D). My drugs will cost anywhere from $4.50 to $13.05. The latter being for my Lantus SoloStar pen (my diabetes injections). As it is right now, most of my prescriptions are 10-50 dollars. This is going to be wonderful! i can afford to actually be sick again!

I got Jenny signed up for her new school, Pine Valley Academy, which is part of the larger Julian Charter School. The teacher to student ratio is tiny, like 6 to 1. She has her basic classes like Earth Science, Geometry, English and World History. Then there are the two electives. Photo Journalism and Clothing Design. School starts August 24th, and she attends just 3 days a week. its a LOT of independent study, and the teachers are in close contact with the parents, which I like. I'm probably going to volunteer at the school, grading papers and what not.

Okay, short but sweet. hugs and hugs and lots of love.


jojo said...

I'm glad it all finally got approved. I know it will be a huge help...take care..;p

Debbie Jean said...

I am happy for you!! We still pay for insurance thru walmart for me also, as medicare doesn't pay for everything. I would like to drop it, but am afraid to. Let me know what you find out, as I have only had medicare since Nov and you seem better at research than me. It would help not to pay that expensive walmart insurance!!

God Bless~
Debbie Jean

PS. While I was reading your blog, you texted me about your find on the slap chop!! LOL