Saturday, June 27, 2009

MJ, FF and other initials.

Dude its HOT at my house! i HATE heat. i dont like to sweat. Princesses do NOT sweat!!! My family knows to steer clear of me from June to September. If they see a speck of perspiration, they hit the road. Bring on the snow sister, thats where its at! My friends all love the hot weather, and i just shake my head at them. I love my friends, but come on, HOT WEATHER? ick.

Since Scotty works at Walmart, i will probably use my discount to buy a small Air conditioner for the living room. It will drive our electric bill through the roof, but i just dont care. We'll go without food if need be. Princesses do NOT sweat, and as you know, its ALL about me.

On to other news. I'll start off with Michael Jackson just to get it out of the way. Yes, MJ died on the 25th. Yes, he was a great talent, probably one of the best musical talents of my time. He changed the entertainment industry for the better. BUT, he will always have that child molestation thing hanging over his head, and it will always be mentioned with his name, which in a way is sad. Only sad because of his poor choices as an adult, who should have known better. No, he wasnt found guilty, but he also paid these families money, and i consider it hush money. Yes, its a tragedy that he died. After all, he had 3 children, and now they dont have a dad. So the Jacksons have lost a brother, or a son, and i wouldn't wish that on anyone. But, in the latter part of his life, he was turning into a cosmic joke. The plastic surgery alone made him comedians fodder. Whoever did his face should lose their medical license. But enough of MJ. RIP buddy, you are in a much better place.

Farrah Fawcett. What a class act. In life and in death. She didnt have to share her battle with anal cancer. But she did. She could have easily just gone into hiding, but didnt. By going public with her battle, she definitely raised awareness, and more than likely saved lives. My dad had the very same cancer (which eventually returned to his colon) and its rare. And as my dad said, 'embarrassing'. He, like Farrah, passed on the colostomy bag, which would have extended his life. She was such a beautiful woman, and a phenomenal actress. Remember The Burning Bed? She played a wife whos husband beat her, and she ended up putting gasoline on him, and burning him to death while he slept. That role alone made men rethink their attitude towards their wives. RIP Farrah, you will be missed.

alright, i'm off to find somewhere Air Conditioned to hang out. And then to Subway for the one sandwich that is not 5 dollars. Why a turkey sandwich is not 5 dollars, but a roast beef one is, is beyond me. Its a meat conspiracy i tell you!

Have a good day.


Katie Mae said...

This spoke more than what you wrote! You are so right... MJ was and will be a legacy, but I can only think of him as the child molester. His poor choices in life left that legacy on him, and it is a legacy that surpasses anything good and decent he did in the music world.

Farrah... The Burning Bed is one of my all time faves. She was so awesome in that movie, and with that movie, brought about GREAT awareness to battered woman's syndrome. She was beautiful from the beginning to the end... what a beautiful life she lived!

I'm sorry you are hot, if you were HERE, you could sit on your couch and flip through my very few channels but be in the a/c. I'd even get you a tiara to wear! Preferably one without two penises dangling on the top!


Debbie Jean said...

It is HOT in Ohio too, I do love summer, but I do have central air and when it's this hot we use it...LOL. But I will take this over the snow for sure. It's been unusually hot here. Weird for June in Ohio. We will probably have winter in August!! LOL.

I agree with you on the MJ thing and Farrah. She was a class act, and The Burning Bed was so good.

I hope sweetie, oh let me restate that, that you get your AC soon. I saw on your weather thingy that it was 91. I need a AC when it's that hot, of course y'all's is a dry heat.

Love ya!!

God Bless~
Debbie Jean