Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Breasty McNaughty

As Olivia Newton John in Grease would say 'ah, got ya talkin didnt i?'

Here's a copy of an email i sent out today.
As you might know, i have once again, been scared by a change in my mammogram. I had some changes in my last mammo, and my doc sent me to a surgeon to discuss. After 7 years of running from cancer again, I've decided to pursue a different course of 'treatment'.
I spoke to a surgeon last week, Dr Seydel, about mastectomy. We discussed prophylactic bilateral mastectomy. This is a surgery where they take both of the breasts off. This is an option I had when I was first diagnosed with cancer in 02, but chose to just go with the lumpectomy. She said she usually likes to wait in cases like this (years after the cancer) since its such a final decision. I told her that I was 53 (yes, can you believe it? I don't look a day over 32 *koff*) and that I was sick and tired of these troublesome things. i told her that since 2002, I'd had 7 biopsies due to scares, and before the cancer, I had 3 biopsies from 1978 to 2002.
She agreed, and referred me to the plastic surgeon.
I called today, and made the appointment with Dr Mofid for August 12, @ 10am. I'm going to discuss with him what the best options for me are. If we decide that reconstruction is a good option, then that's the road I'll go down. If not, then its flat chested for me! As most of you know, when I went through cancer, treatment, and beyond, I chose to fight it with a sense of humor. This deal should be no different. I hope I have your support!
Just thought I'd update my friends. Please feel free to ask questions, or forward this on to someone we both know, as I'm sure I don't have everyones email..

okay now......... that being said. I will do a separate blog from this one, so that its easier to follow my journey.... if there is one. who knows, i may chicken out, Health Net might be the jerks that they've been all along and not cover it, blah blach. Thats it, just this for now. If you are reading this, and want a link to my new blog, give me a week or so to create it, and then i'll send it to ya!


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