Sunday, July 26, 2009

My friends could use some prayers.

The past couple of weeks have been a bitch. Thats the only way i can put it. Nope, its not about me, its about my friends.

First, as you know, i lost a friend of mine, Nick Spare. I blogged about that. Then, as the healing was taking place, i got an email from a friend, telling me that i had lost another friend, Jan Bulai. I had known Jan since 1977 when i started darts. She passed away this last Wed after a long, hard fought battle with breast cancer. She beat it the first time, but her recurrence was not as long as she'd have liked. When i went through my bout with breast cancer, Jan was the first one by my side. Jan lived just down the street from us, so together, we'd go on daily walks to Foster Freeze for a hot fudge sundae. We must have been a sight, two women wearing their scarves, walking down the street. But, she knew the battle, and helped me in so many ways. She is survived by her husband Dennis, and their son.

I also have a good friend, Laura Presley, that is having some troubles. Laura and i go back to the late 90's, when she worked for AAA as one of my employees in Emergency Road Service. Laura had to medically retire when she ended up getting brain cancer. Once she was done with treatment, you know who ended up getting breast cancer. Laura went with me on a shopping mission for scarves to cover what would soon be, my bald head. When they were hard to find, she ended up giving me some of hers. Laura and her family ended up moving to Arizona. Just recently, Laura had a recurrence of the cancer, and started up treatment again. However, just as recently as last week, she lost her ability to speak, can only communicate by writing, and has tremendous pain in the right side of her head. Even after 2 MRI's, the doctors are mystified as to why this is happening. Tomorrow (Mon) the tumor board is meeting to discuss treatment for Laura. Laura has a husband, Dale, and two young boys.

Please keep both family members in your prayers, as they need it so.


jojo said...

sending love and prayers for you and your friends..;p

Debbie Jean said...

You and your friends are in my thoughts and prayers, I love ya!

God Bless~
Debbie Jean