Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It was a good day baby

The past couple of days have been 'Good News' days. They happen so few and far between anymore, i thought i'd dedicate a blog to them!

As you know, Jenny hasnt had insurance since i lost my job in 2007. COBRA is too expensive, WAY too expensive. I got myself on Scottys Walmart insurance, and that itself is taking 200 bucks out of each paycheck he gets. To add Jennifer would just do us in. We're lucky her health is awesome. When she had MRSA last year, we had some money in the bank, so we were able to pay for the visit, and treatment. And then, recently, when she got her Bronchitis, and then the viral and bacterial infection, she qualified for a program here in CA called the AB 78. Basically it let us pay the minimum of 20 bucks for the visit. it didnt cover anything else, just that.

So, i had applied for Californias Healthy Families' which offers Health Insurance to low income families for a small fee. I found out yesterday, that she had been approved! 12 bucks a month, and 5 dollar doc visits and medication! whew.

we live in California, so, i am sure you know that our wonderful state government is slowly running us into the ground. They raised our car registration fees again. We were scared that our fees on my car would be well over 200 dollars. Imagine my surprise when they were just 133 dollars~! more good news!

I also got my paperwork for Medicare. My coverage starts in October. it'll only be $96.00 a month. this is great news!

My car got sick on Saturday, and went to the car hospital here in town. Yesterday, we found out what it was. The timing belt went out. 400 dollars to fix. At first we were upset, thinking crap we cant afford this. I asked hub to call his parents, but he wouldnt. His dad gets assholey when hub asks for money. And it just pisses me off.

Let me share. When i was hospitalized (and almost died) with Diabetic Ketoacidosis, it put us in a BIG financial bind. I made hub ask his mom for 300 dollars so we could put food in the house, as we had none. i also wanted to pay for new medications that i was put on. Silly things like that. Hub told his mother that my unemployment stopped because i was in the hospital, and we had to wait 3 weeks for my disability check to arrive. Scotty's mom is cool with stuff like that, but Scotts dad? he flipped out! He proceeded to give Scott a lecture about the value of money, and how he never saved for a rainy day, blah blah. Scott was really upset by this, and actually had tears in his eyes. So THIS pissed me off, and sent me into a tizzy. (yeah a tizzy).

In all the years of our marriage, i had never seen Scott cry except when his gramma died. I called Scotts mom, and ripped her and her hub apart for upsetting MY husband. I told them they were never welcome at our house again, until they apologized to Scott. and i hung up on her. I have never raised my voice to my inlaws EVER, so this must have been shocking to them, because within 20 minutes they were on our doorstep, and they were apologizing to Scott.

Where was i? oh yeah, back to my car. Hub wasnt going to call his mom for the money. Jennifer even said it was due to the last time he asked for money..... TWO YEARS AGO. I told him that we had moved up here to Waltons mountain, all on our own. We didnt ask for any money for deposits, moving trucks, food, NOTHING. its been almost a year since we've moved here, and its the first time we've asked for any favors. So, Scotty called. Of course, his mom was going to give us the 400 bucks to fix the car. As i type this, they are on their way up to give it to us. So, another good thing.

oh, dont get me wrong. Hub is walking up to meet them at the town Coffee shop. i'm not having anything to do with them. Remember, they sided with Sasquatch when she beat the shit out of me. They continue to allow that beast to live in their house with them, while not once lifting a finger to help us out when we were moving. Until now. It really pisses me off that they never ask how their own granddaughter is doing. So, as far as i am concerned, they can find a fire and jump in it. They aren't MY parents. (yep, i'm still bitter)

Today is Jennys last day of school. I'm so glad to be done with this school. She starts her new school, Julian Charter School here in August. We have orientation tomorrow evening, and I cant wait. Smaller class sizes, and more focused teaching. She will NOT get lost in the shuffle!

okay thats it. big hugs.

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