Thursday, June 18, 2009

how fair was the Fair?

I won tickets from one of our local television stations to the Del Mar Fair. its really called the San Diego fair, but its been the Del Mar fair forever, and since i resist change, thats what it will be in this blog.

Jenny and I went, and brought Jany, the neighbor girl with us. I overlooked the fact that this could have been trouble, since they become quite adventurous when they are left to their own devices. But, i gave them the stink eye if they even thought about acting up. They were good for the most part. They had all day ride wrist bands, so they took full advantage of riding all the rides. Come about the 8th ride, they came to me rather green looking. So i gave them the keys and told them to go sit in the car until they felt better. After about an hour, they were back, and none the worse for wear.

While they were running around like crazy, i was slowly, but surely, hobbling my way around the fair. I lasted about 4 hours and then my back really wasnt doing well, so i went to the car and got my cane. it helps so much to take the pressure off my back. Good thing i get handicapped parking, because it got me right in the front row. the Fairgrounds are HUGE, and there are acres and acres of regular parking. So big, that they have trams to take you to and from your car.

At the fair, they have the vendors that sell things like jewelry, slicers and dicers, and yes, SHAMWOW. Jenny mocked me every time we walked by a Shamwow stand. One guy even tried to get me to come watch the demonstration, when Jennifer said 'she's already got one, COME ON MOM' and grabbed me and we kept walking.

i love the vendors. i usually spend all day in there, getting free stuff, and just watching the demonstrations. I didnt buy any of their stuff this year as money is tight, but i sure have some ideas of things i want! and nope, there was no Slap Chop. i had the major sads over that one :(

Here's some pics of our day. I also ran into my friend Kim and her daughter Mady. We were leaving so they got to use our wristbands for the rides for the last hour. It was a fun day. I'm now sunburned and extremely sore, plus my legs are so wobbly today... but i wouldn't trade it in for the world.

Jany and Jenny @ the entrance to the fair.


watching the first ride of the day

getting ready for take off

this is it....... *shiver*

massaging feet thingy

Mady, Kim and i.

Now for the funniest story of the day..... i was relaxing inside one of the buildings, watching people. Its what i do! The booth next to me was a toe ring booth. i was kind of skeeved out, but i was just too lazy to get up. The set up was like this.... The chairs were situated on a platform that was eye level with the person that fitted you for toe rings. Needless to say, it could get very ugly with just the right person. And, it would be just my luck, that the 'right person' came along at the right time! She was a heavy set woman, in a MINI DRESS. Now dont get me wrong, i'm heavy, but, for the most part, i know how to dress. And even though i have nice legs (hush you know i do), i would NEVER wear a mini dress, and if i did, i sure as heck would NOT have my hoo haw face level with someone i didnt know. So, of course while i'm sitting in my chair, i took out my phone and snapped a picture. LOL, is anyone really surprised i did this? LOL

reason enough to NEVER own a toe ring stand.

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