Friday, May 22, 2009

yes...... i am a Wayniac

i got word today, on my Facebook, that Wayne Newton is going to be at the Casino just 10 miles from my house, on June 19th! To say that i am excited, would be a great understatement! I LOVE Wayne Newton! I've seen him 17 times in Concert, most of them in Las Vegas. Some of them here in San Diego. I've shaken his hand, driven by his home in Henderson Nevada, and I have been as close as the 2nd row at his concerts.

Its a shame i didnt find out about this when i got paid and i could have purchased a ticket and nailed a front row seat. Now i have to wait until, A. i get paid again, or B. hope and pray that Scottys mom comes through with some money for my birthday, on June 1st. Either way, I'M GOING TO SEE WAYNE!!!

i have a funny story about my visit to Waynes Ranch 'Shenandoah' in Henderson, NV. in 2001 we were headed to Vegas for a 6 day vacation. I knew Wayne lived there, and i was determined to find out where. I used to chat in a Parents chat room on AOL, and one night i asked if anyone in the chat room was from Las Vegas. Someone was! so, i asked if they knew where Wayne lived. They did! they gave me directions how to get there. Now, i'm sure people thought this was a set up, but it wasnt! Hub and i took off, using the blow by blow directions this faceless person gave me. We pulled up to the street, AND THERE IT WAS. Shenandoah!!!!!!! first i took pictures of the gate, and did my best to take pictures over the wall. The wall is 10 feet high, so it was difficult. we drove down one side of the ranch, and i got pictures of some of his horses, his house, and the land in general. Then, we pulled up on the other side, just to take a few more before headed off to the Liberace museum (shut up!), when we hear a siren. I turn around and there's a policeman. He very politely shooed me along. He was nice, smiling all the time, and he thanked me for leaving with out an argument.

on to other things.... Jenny had been coughing up a storm for the past week. I hated to do it, but i had to put off taking her to the doctor since she has no medical insurance. I know, it sounds harsh. But, we had to make certain cutbacks this year, and Jennifers health insurance was one of them. We are damned lucky she is healthy, otherwise we'd be screwed. Last year, when she had MRSA, i had money in the bank, so it was easy to afford the doctor visit. Cant say the same this year. BUT, here's where my luck comes in to play. She ran out of cough drops at school, and went to the nurse to ask for one. The nurse called me and asked me if it was okay for her to give Jenny a cough drop, and also to see if it was okay for Jennifer to be seen my the visiting Physicians Assistant. Of course, said i.

The PA gave Jenny a card to be seen at the Mountain Empire Family Medicine Clinic near here. They base the payment on your family income. All i had to do was bring our 2008 taxes, and my Disability acceptance papers. Turns out we qualified for something called AB-58 and our entire visit, INCLUDING the amoxicillin was $20.00. cant beat that! Also, they told us about a California Program that we would qualify for, called Healthy Families. Then her visit to any doctor, eye doc or dentist would be no more than 15 bucks. Needless to say, THAT paperwork has been filled out and sent off.

Back to Jenny. She has bronchitis. Her lungs are fine, her throats a bit red, but thats probably due to the coughing. So she's on a 10 day course of Amox, and if she's not better by then, then our revisit is free! So, another crisis averted, but knowing that we have somewhere to take her in case she gets sick again, helps. And with Healthy Families on its way, i can breathe a sigh of relief!

okay, i'm off to clean the living room. Jenny, the first helper, abandoned me for her friends. Scotty, my other helper is snoozing since he works graveyard. Now, before you get all excited thinking i'm doing too much work, i've managed to plan my work around the television. i'm not stupid ya know! and its homemade pizza tonight! I love weekly food menu's.

xoxo to whoever is reading this! leave me a note will ya?

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