Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

Today is Memorial Day. Technically, this is a day that we should honor those killed in War. But, i'd like to honor ANY military person, and to thank them for giving us the freedoms we have today. To those of you that complain about what the USA doesnt have, take your opinions to Iraq, or Afghanistan, and see how long you can gripe about your opinions over there!

my Grandpa, Langille F Patterson was killed in WW2. The bunker he was in, was gassed, killing him instantly. What this did, was leave my grandma to raise 5 children all on her own. I think she did a good job, as one of those kids was my mom!

the other family member that we lost in service, was hubs cousin Jeff Bisson. He was killed January 20th, 2007. He was a husband, and a dad, and was only 22. A roadside bomb took his life, along with 4 others. Fighting for YOUR freedom.

Jeff Bisson

Thats it for today. Take a minute and think of those lost in War.


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