Wednesday, May 20, 2009

THIS is American Idol

Talk about a great night! After all of the endless Adam hype, it all came down to 100 million votes and the crowning of Kris Allen from Conway Arkansas as the newest American Idol. I dont care what anyone says, I love American Idol, i live for it week by week. This season was no exception. When Ryan Seacrest said 'The winner of American Idol 2009 is...........Kris Allen' i screamed my guts out. Even though i voted for him, and really hoped he would win, the judges kept going crazy over Adam, and i really wondered if Kris stood a chance. Well, thank you America for doing what needed to be done. whew!

The show was really good. i loved seeing Carlos Santana, Rod Stewart, and Queen (sans Freddie Mercury RIP). I was left shaking my head at whatever it was that Queen Latifah was wearing. But it was a good show, and now, i'm done until next January. But, have no fear, tomorrow starts So You Think You Can Dance. There's hope for my reality TV 'issue'

Thats it. Short and sweet. xoxo


Debbie Jean said...

Well to be honest, I thought Adam was much more talented, but I liked Kris also, so it didn't matter. Either way, they both will have no tropuble with making it in the music world. I think if Adam had won, Kris would have had a harder time, maing it.

How are you??

God Bless~
Debbie Jean

Debbie Jean said...

making it too...LOL