Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Get real, its reality.

Its been like summer here lately. i HATE summer. the sooner we get back to cold weather, the better. We're going to be buying a slip and slide for Jenny and her friends. Part of the property that we live on is on an incline, so they will have fun. well, its all fun until someone gets hurt!

Tonight is the American Idol finale. I have this sneaking suspicion that Adam is going to win, but i voted for Kris. Yes i voted. I am sick of the judges jumping all over 'king Adam'. What must it be like for Kris to hear the praise that they throw on Adam, and they just dont have any left for Kris? i hope Kris wins though. There. i said it!

Thursday is the season premiere of So You Think You Can Dance. i LOVE this show. I even like the screaming judge Mary Murphy. The kids that dance on this show really have a lot of talent. If i was 30 years younger, thinner, and i could dance, i'd try out for the show. *eyeroll*

Thats it. just a quickie. i'm off to buy Chicken Breast on sale at Albertsons. yes, i know that you are jealous of my obviously exciting life!