Monday, May 18, 2009

The land she is a shakin

Last night, i'm sitting at the desk, yakking it up with hub, when BLAM! Earthquake!!!!!!! The desk shook, then my monitor, the house kinda just went Thud, and that was it. So i checked the USGS website, and sure enough, there was a 5.0 (later downgraded to 4.7) centered near Los Angeles. Its weird that we felt it up here on Waltons Mountain since we're 3.5 hours away from the epicenter. And NOT in a straight line. Its been years since we've felt an earthquake, but i knew it was coming, so to speak, since we have had the odd weather. Hot weather. That seems to be a common thread when expecting earthquakes. HEAT.

On the other front, my darts. I'd pretty much retired from tournament play, first when i got married, THEN when i got cancer, and had a ton of lymph nodes taken out of my armpit. BUT, this year i decided to try to 'come back'. In March i played at a tournament here in the San Diego area, and did well enough to place second in the mixed doubles. Then a friend of mine asked me if i wanted to go to a shoot in Orange County. Ninety minutes away, this, to me, qualified as an out of town tournament, my first out of towner since 1991. I was nervous, but managed to have a few drinks, and it helped. I played well, and ended up placing 2nd place in the ladies singles. So, two finals in 2 months. Great start for my comeback. I'm sore from this last one, old age AND my back. but its a good sore!

okay i'm off to another busy day. XOXO

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