Friday, May 29, 2009

Dates, its all about dates....... and not me!

7 years ago today i was liberated from that disgusting animal i call Breast Cancer. No, i wasnt diagnosed this day. I was actually given the diagnosis May 8, 2002. To me, though, that is not the day i was considered, in my mind, a survivor. May 29th, is the day they took the 3 tumors out of my breast.

There are a ton of dates that i associate with the cancer, but only this one counts as the day i got rid of it. i found the lump april 8th, 2002. I went to the doctor April 10th. Mammogram April 17th, Surgical Biopsy April 30th. Chemo started on July 18th, 2002, Radiation began Feb 22, 2003. Not to mention, the 3 needle biopsies, that luckily proved benign. See? so many dates, which to pick? A lot of women choose their date of diagnosis as their survivor date. But, to me, i still had the cancer in me at that time.

Now, here i am 7 years later, no worse for the wear. Except.......... i had a right breast mammogram 3 weeks ago to check on some lumps, and thought everything was okay. Turns out it wasnt. Since i had my last mammogram in July of 08, there have been marked changes in the calcifications in my breasts. and THEN, to top that off, i have a lump in my left breast and armpit now. So, on the 11th of June i get that side Mammo'd, and then on the 18th, i meet with my new surgeon. *sigh*

My life, is, once again, engulfed with dates. I remember, before marriage, dates were a good thing!

p.s. Deb in Ohiyer: we've had a minor meltdown here, so i'll be sending your thimble on the 10th! xoxo

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