Saturday, May 30, 2009

Dont Even think about calling me fat.......

Today was the big car show here in Pine Valley, CA... aka Waltons Mountain. The day was beautiful, so Jenny and i walked down to look at the cars. Mostly old cars, and they were beautiful. We have one main road here in town, and it was ALL blocked off, and lined with some pretty awesome cars. Its a pretty big deal to get something like this in our little bitty town of 1500 with NO stop light.

Jenny and decided that we were going to eat lunch at Frosty Burger, the little burger stand here in town. Its a tad expensive, but I like doing family stuff, so we stood in the long line to get a Chicken Sandwich, fries and a drink. We stood off to the side and waited for them to make our food. They are always slow, so we knew we'd have a wait ahead of us. Finally, after 15 minutes, they called our name. We went to the window to pick up our food, and there was a man, hovering at the pick up window. THREE times i said 'excuse me, can i get in here to pick up my food?'. after the third time, he didnt move, so i tapped him on the shoulder, and said AGAIN, 'excuse me, can i get in here to pick up my food?'. To which he replied 'i'm sorry you are so big, and cant fit in here' YEAH! can you believe that shit?

Being the lady that i am, i looked him square in the eye, and said 'Fuck you asshole' lol. The guy then said 'hmmm, some people cant take jokes'. THEN my darling Jenny, who is non-confrontational said 'making fun of someones wieght is NOT funny'. Then this ass, who doesnt know when to quit, made another 'fat person comment' and i flipped my widdle lid. I have gastroparesis , which is caused by my diabetes. One thing it does is mess up my nerve endings in my stomach area, causing it to distend, so i look 9 months pregnant. Those of you that have seen me, know that this is the only part of me that looks fat.

i was determined to make this jerkoff feel bad, so i marched right up to him, got one inch from his face, pointed my finger right in his face and said 'LOOK ASSHOLE I HAVE A TUMOR IN MY STOMACH, IF MAKING FUN OF THAT MAKES YOU FEEL LIKE A MAN THEN HAVE AT IT SISTER' lol. Yes i lied, but ya know? i felt good about it. He just put head down and back i went to the window. The owner of Frosty Burger, who is usually a bitch, gave us free fries, and gave me the thumbs up. As i walked away, i walked by the jerk, and said 'Tourist' (he was with the car show) and i walked off. All in all, a good day!

Here's a few of the cars for your viewing pleasure.

Frosty Burger is in the background

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jojo said...

cool cars, I love it when the car show comes a callin'.
Hope you a feeling well, I tried to leave you a comment on your last post but it would work. Thinking of you and sending prayers your way. ;p