Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I've got a plan Stan

the countdown has begun. the REAL one that is. one week from today i'll be landing in another state, on my way to Nampa. To say i'm excited would be the grandest understatement. I love each and every one of my friends, and if i could afford it i would go visit all of them. Visiting Katie is going to be so much fun. She's so much like me its scary. She was one of my supporters when i went through breast cancer, she gets me. She knows that its okay to joke about it, and to be warped about it, about EVERYTHING. And,
One thing we've bonded over is we're both diabetics. Yes, we've got the Sugars! .

She's got a full boat schedule planned I'm sure, and i cant wait. Plus, Jenny and Abbie (katies Daughter) are TFF's (Texting Friends Forever) and will get to finally meet in person. Hopefully they wont be plotting our deaths, but if they are, they will learn they are sorely outgunned, and we'll take them on, swatting them like the flies they truly are.

So, tomorrow is pay bills day, and buy the important things for the trip day. Deodorant, shampoo, underwear, socks, and other important essentials. I have a new suitcase, that i won in a raffle that I've never used before, so i'm good to go there. American Airlines wants 15 bucks each way to send my suitcase out of state. I feel like wearing my weeks worth of clothes all at once, on the airplane, so i can get them to Idaho for free. Wouldnt THAT be cute?

One last note. I had my blood work done last week. After FIVE needle sticks, they finally got blood, and i got my results today. My A1C came back GREAT. they want it at 7.0 or below, and mine is at a 7.0! my cholesterol, which has been ultra high for 8 months, came back as 'perfect' (according to the doctor). My potassium is a bit high, but the doctor said that happens sometimes if it gets shaken up during transfer to the lab. So in 2 to 4 weeks, i'll go back in and have it redone. Its not the first time its come back high, so i wont worry about it. And dont forget, April 30th is my mammogram and ultrasound. In the meantime, i'm just in planning mode for my vacation! i cant wait!

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Katie Mae said...

LMAO... our flies!