Monday, April 13, 2009

Idaho's loss is Californias gain!

The time has come! Tomorrow (Tuesday) i leave for Idaho, better known to myself as IdahoUdaho. I'm so excited that i have probably overplanned. (probably being an understatement). A month ago i made up lists of things to pack, and modified the lists daily over the last 7 days. I cant help it. i have some form of OCD when it comes to traveling. So, today, i got the lists out, and packed it all, within 45 minutes. i checked, doubled checked, even triple checked everything i packed, and its all there.

Then comes the backpack, that we're carrying on. ALL of my medications are in there, correctly labeled. I've also got crossword puzzle books, 5 different color pens, my wallet with 3 forms of ID for both Jennifer and I. I have a manilla envelope with ALL of my travel plans. These consist of the plane tickets, the car rental information, the hotel information, and the map for us to drive from Salt Lake City to Nampa Idaho. Oh, and lets not forget the dramamine. Debbie cannot do anything without dramamine. I also have a camera in the backpack as well, since i'm nuts about picture taking.

i've also looked at our flight on FlightAware, whichs tracks your flight. i like to see where i'd be if i was flying right now. I know, i'm a sad specimen, and need to be visited by a psychiatrist. But, i cant fit theat into my plans right now, i'm entirely too busy planning! AND I'm going to miss my American Idol so Katie Mae is going to TiVo it for me.

So now, i'm just sitting around doing nothing, waiting on time to pass, until tomorrow, i can get ready 3 hours early. Jenny and I are going to the airport at noon, for our 3:20 pm flight. Yes, i know. I've also given Scotty a list of things he needs to do while I'm gone. He gets no money, i'm leaving him an allowance, and i'm hiding his cigarettes so he doesnt go through them like crazy. He needs to stay in contact with me, in order to find out where they are. I'm crazy like that. You know whats funny, i have told him about the allowance, and he's fine with it. now, if it was me? i'd be at the bank filling out a withdrawel slip.

I've got the flight info, the car and hotel info posted on a cork board for him to refer to. However, knowing Scotty, he wont even look at it. We've also got the alarm set at 6pm daily to feed the cats, and put them in the garage. if he forgets, they dont get fed, and i'm worried that some coyote or racoon will have my cats for lunch.

Nuff said. I'm off to watch Dancing with the Stars, and then hopefully get a bit of sleep. Then tomorrow its off to terrorize other states. Say a prayer that my plane does okay, as thats always a bit fear of mine.


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Katie Mae said...

LMAO! I am loving Scotty's list!

OMG I can't wait for you guys to get here! I edged the back patio tonight and swept it... but the backyard is all fucked up!

I still can't wait for you guys to get here!