Thursday, April 2, 2009

Down in the lumps

Today was doctor day. I initially made the appointment for her to check out 2 lumps i have in my right breast. As a 7 year breast cancer survivor, i am really anal about this stuff. But i also had to be fasting, so i could see what my pesky cholesterol is doing these days. The doctors office was running behind, so my 10am appointment, turned into my noon appointment. if my doctor wasn't so wonderful and awesome, and i didnt live an hour away, i'd have just left. Good thing i didnt.

First things first, i havent gained any weight. because my neuropathy is kicking my ass, or rather my feet, i am not able to walk very far without pain. Not that i enjoy walking, but sometimes you want to do things you cant do. So, we restarted me on Neurontin, and she refilled some medications, then we got down to business. I HATE getting felt up for lumps. HATE HATE HATE it. So, i was wrong, there wasnt two lumps. Nope, there were 3. On the right (cancer) breast, at 11:00 to 2:00. way above the old cancer. I dont even try to read the docs face anymore, because when i had cancer in 2002, the doctor was a jovial SOB, i think out of his fear of showing anything wrong to me. So, my doctor gave me the paperwork, to go for a digital mammogram and an ultrasound. The last time i had a breast ultrasound, was when my first mammo was 'suspicious'. the ultrasound confirmed it was not normal.

The soonest i can get in is April 30th. Funny thing about that date ..... I had my surgical biopsy on April 30th, 2002, and the rest on that as they say 'is history'. I thought about trying to get in before going to visit Katie in IdahoUdaho, but couldn't. and ya know? i'm glad. i just want to enjoy myself for a month, without worrying about lumps, mammo's ultrasounds. If its cancer, it'll still be there on the 30th, if its not, no sense worrying about it. Either way, feel free to share in the jokes about it. Thats the only way to survive!

Thats it. just a medical update. the more you know.

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