Thursday, April 23, 2009

I came, i saw, i laughed, i'm home...

My long awaited trip to Idaho is now over :( ... But it was everything i dreamed it would be, and more! I got to spend time with my buddy Katie, her kids, and her hub, Ry. They ALL made me feel at home, and even entrusted me with my favorite battery driven device......... the television remote. (get your mind out of the gutter) I got to watch TV on a 52 inch television, quite the change from my 19 inch tv.

Jenny and i flew the round about way to get to Salt Lake City. Yes, Salt Lake City. American Airlines, in their infinite wisdom, does not fly into Boise. Since my tickets were free, bitching did no good. But it was still good. We flew from San Diego to Dallas. Have you ever been to DFW airport? it takes a tram to get from one gate to another the place is so big. But we made it to our next flight with NO TIME TO SPARE. we boarded the plane to Salt Lake, and got to experience some turbulence, ALWAYS fun *koff* We arrived in Salt Lake at 11pm at night, and were whisked away to our hotel.

Bright and early the next morning we picked up our rental car. Our clerk was an ass, but managed to rent us a car. I got a PT Cruiser, which was good because thats just like MY car! it was raining, but we hit the road. Soon enough, right outside of Salt Lake, rain turned to my beloved snow! People drive just as crazy in the snow!

after a 5 hour drive, we arrived in Nampa Idaho. We settled in nicely, just like we had lived there all along! I got to meet and greet Katies 'Frick and Frack' boob job. Mighty nice if i do say so myself. Made me remember my younger days where mine were where they were supposed to be.

Katie's family consists of Ry, her hub. Abbie, the 14 yr old beautiful daughter, who got along famously with Jenny. There's also the step daughter Katie Jo, who is 6, and cute as all get out. And of course there's the infamous Sawyer Brykell, 11 months old, and so cute, with her big blue eyes. We all got along great, and Sawyer took a liking to me. Initially she wasnt having anything to do with me, but i told everyone, dont worry, she'd warm up to me, and i was right. By the end of our trip, girlfriend was putty in my hand. However, when she dumped, i had nothing to do with her. My diaper days are over. Well, that is, until i'm in them myself.

Abbie, Katie Jo, and Jenny being silly.

Sawyer Brykell

We went to Boise Town Center mall, and hung out, having lunch and a contest. i collect bags with the rope handles. Yes i know its strange, but i digress. Katie decided we'd have a contest, to see who could get the most bags. The girls (Abbie and Jenny) vs Katie. I watched the baby why they ran around like freaks getting bags. In the end Katie kicked EVERYONE'S butt. She got like 25 bags. Compare this to the 4 bags the girls got. Katie is comfortably going to hell for her lies to get the bags. She told the clerks, 'my mom in law just bought some stuff here, and her bag broke and she's too embarrassed to come back and get one'. and voila! she got bags! Once Abbie found out how she did it, she too got a bag! katie even managed to get a bag that i'd been trying for just over 10 years to get. An Ann Taylor bag. Its so beautiful, and its the one bag that has eluded me. Not anymore!

just some of the bags, plus, me, the oldest bag!

We were watching TV that night, when i noticed, on the news, there had been a bomb threat at the very mall that we were at , and at the SAME TIME we were there! turns out the girls knew all about it. They had gone into JC Penneys to get a bag, and were told to evacuate the area! But did they mention anything to us? the parents? nopers! So, i'd like to think, that Boise got word i was in Idaho, and wanted me out! Next time, Boise, think! come to me personally!

We went to Downtown Boise to a park to take pictures. The park was beautiful, the weather, awesome! Everyone was relaxed, and the people there were so nice, as was just about everyone in Idaho!

i thought this boat was cool

Me, and Jenny.

We also visited a gift shop so i could get 'stuff' since i'm the worlds greatest tourist. One of my favorite things to do while i was there, was visit the Walmart Super Center. we dont have those near my house, so this was a treat. And since hub is a manager at a Walmart, i just HAD to take my camera inside the store. I visited this Super Center 4 times. LOL. The prices were cheaper than our store here.

Walmart Super Center

So many things happened, but it'll be saved for another time, another blog. We left on Tuesday morning precisely at 7am. we drove to Twin Falls and i met a dear old friend for Breakfast, and then we headed back to Salt Lake. Our rental clerk this time, was cute, knowledgeable, and fast. Then it was off to San Diego. We arrived home, at 11pm, tired, but none the worse for wear. its hard to believe my trip is over. i have never laughed as hard as i have with Katie, and her family. Its a trip i will never forget!

I'll leave you with this. a pic of the gas prices in Idaho. Coming from California, this is an absolute SHOCK!

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Katie Mae said...

I read this, and laughed hard... and you didn't even say anything about the burps... or Abbie shooting farts across the room like her ass was a BB gun!

I loved having you guys here... next time bring Scotty and plan for a month :)

Did you ever answer that question... if you fart, sneeze and burp at the same time, you will explode. Truth or myth?