Tuesday, March 31, 2009

We'll eat and no barf bags will be present.

Today is a better day. We're having pork chops, and mashed taters. and get this...... i'm making the pork chops. hell, anyone can do shake n bake. Jenny makes the worlds best mashed taters, so that will be her job. And Scotty will be the dishwashing wench. As it should be.

Just two weeks from today i will be leaving for IdahoUdaho. Jennys first plane ride. We're going to visit Katie Mae and her awesome gaggle of children, and King Ry. It'll be fun, i'm going to learn to knit, have pictures taken, and i'm not sure, but i think we're eating Bambi. It'll be fun!

Jenny took her first guitar lesson yesterday. its being offered at her High School in the after school program. There are a few seniors teaching it. She learned Smoke On The Water. She demonstrated her skills, and i will be honest when i say, i'll be happy when she learns more than 4 words. She did pretty good, and enjoys it. Today in the class is Drivers Education. OMG NO, not the actual driving! the book learnin'. to me, the written test was the hardest part. Plus, her and Scotty can spout laws back and forth to each other.

Oh yeah, while i'm thinking about it, go to http://maps.google.com/maps and you can type in an address, and you might see your house, your friends house, maybe someone that shouldn't be visiting a house caught on camera. its pretty cool! i saw my childhood house.

Thats it! off to pick up the heathen from school

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