Monday, March 2, 2009

My body hates me

Its March Madness, and i dont mean basketball either! Today i get to meet with Jennifers Art teacher. Jenny hates her, hates the class, etc. This comes from a child that never misses a day of school, is never late, blahdey blah blah. I have tried to tell Jennifer she can hate the person, dont hate the teacher, as she's got a job to do, and she's got to respect that. THEN i get her weekly progress report, and she's got all A's and B's except in Art. she's got an F. So, today i will be meeting with Ms Ponce and Jennifer. *sigh*

In other news-Jenny, all sophomore year of her, tried out for Softball. The child has never been much for sports, which hits her dad and i hard. Scotty is very athletic, played sports like crazy, and was an All Star baseball player. I was the same way, excelling in all sports, and played Softball as well. So, in order to keep her out of trouble at school, the counselor suggested that she tryout for softball. Now, mind you, i didnt get my hopes up, since she's just not athletic, and a tad lazy lol. She worked with the girls and coach all week, and complained how sore she was, but she went every single day. Friday she texted me with 3 little words 'i made varsity'. WHAT???? MY CHILD?????

so we celebrated by shopping for cleats, socks, batting gloves etc. Hub is so proud that his daughter is doing something athletic. i give it 2 weeks before they are fighting because he doesnt like the way she throws the ball, or doesnt field the ball correctly. it reminded me of the time she took bowling with the other 7 year olds. Hub was always down on the lane right behind her, positioning her to hold the ball correctly. I can honestly say Jenny and I both hated it when dad showed up at Bowling.

If you didnt know, i've been sick (is anyone reading my blogs but me?) my sugar has been high, so i start insulin today, Lantus. Hubs got to do the shots since i'm a chicken shit and cant bear the thought of injecting myself. Its pretty easy, its an insulin pin, and he did it before with the Byetta shot. Wish me luck! Besides the high sugar, last night, i was sitting at the computer, and my head felt like it weighed 200 pounds. i was EXTREMELY dizzy. i stumbled over to the couch, and was just out of sorts. i was nauseous, which took its natural course, if you know what i mean. today, i still feel the same, but its eased up. i am managing to keep diet 7up down. Enough about me

Look at our weather here in Pine Valley. ITS HOT! almost 80! will someone bring back my ozone layer? i refuse to be done with snow!

one last thing: i am beginning my one woman boycott of the Hallmark Channel. My TV day begins watching the Waltons at 9am. Everyone knows that i live on Waltons Mountain (aka Pine Valley). Well, Hallmark, in their infinite wisdom, has chosen to stop airing the Waltons. in its place they have put The Golden Girls! now, i like the Golden Girls, but talk about airing something at the polar opposite of the moral spectrum, they air the Golden Girls. i absolutely LOVE the Waltons, and the message that it sends. so, now, i have to rely on Netflix to get my fix of the Waltons. And until Hallmark brings it back, i will boycott!

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Debbie Jean said...

I am sorry you are sick, Deb. I was wondering if you had started on the lantus.I didn't know lantus came in a pin. You know you are in my prayers.

80 degrees there and 7 degrees here last night and tonight. We are supposed to warm up this week. It's 24 here now. I will take your 80 degrees!!

Congrats to Jennifer. I too, played softball in high school. I hope she does well.

Please keep in touch Deb. Text me anytime and keep me informed on things. I love ya!!

God Bless~