Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I had the nicest hair for a bald person!

I have been going through my photos of years gone by, and some of the things i came across brought back memories. Like my cancer pics. I lost my hair, and that was a big deal to me. I remember being very self conscious about my bald little ol' head. I didnt mind talking about my cancer, and i still dont. but I just couldnt bring myself to show my bald head to anyone, my family included.

But now, I have come full circle, and want to share my pics of me and my baldness. Its been 6 years, and I'm very proud of beating cancers ass. I had stage 2B Invasive breast cancer. 4 of 14 lymph nodes were positive that the cancer had spread. But, they got all of the cancer out of my breast and in the armpit, and so far, no signs that the cancer has returned!

I joked my way through cancer. i found it helped me deal with the disease, AND it helped people around me deal with it. I never missed a day of work during chemotherapy, or my 33 radiation treatments. I started out with monthly visits to the oncologist, and have since graduated to every six months. I've had a couple of scares, since then, that required biopsies, but so far, everything is benign and good! This May it will be 7 years cancer free!

here are some pics of me and my journey (and hats)

Hub and me during my first chemo treatment. i was crying so hard, i was so scared.
little did i know, it wasnt that big of a deal!

right after hub shaved my head. it hurt SO BAD!

me being a gang banger lol

a friend knitted this hat for me.

i cant help but laugh at this one!

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