Friday, March 6, 2009

I need a couple more Fridays in a week

Friday. i am SO glad Friday is here. and i bet Jenny is too. She stays after school every day to practice softball at School. She's up at 6am, takes the bus to school. School is out at 2:20, and then its practice until 5:15. She comes home, does homework, watches a little TV and thats all she wrote. I think its a bit much, i dont understand why they have practice every freaking day! i know when i played sports, we had two day a week practices. But, as long as she isnt complaining, then i guess i'm not either. (well, not outloud anyway)

While the economy struggles are not hitting me as hard as it used to, the health care issues are. They have raised our monthly payments for Health Net via Walmart to almost 400.00 a month! PLUS they raised my copay for specialists like the Oncologist and the Pain doctor, from $20.00 to FIFTY dollars! I'm glad i have a great PCP, who assists me because she knows life sucks for me sometimes. She gives me my insulin for my diabetes. She will order tests that normally a specialist needs to order. So now, she will be checking out the two new lumps in my breast, which if they are nothing will save me 50 bucks. She can order the mammo and ultrasound if needed. Then, if it IS cancer, i can justify spending the 50 bucks. Now, you may say, Debbie, what if it IS cancer? and i've thought of that, but after going through cancer almost 7 years ago, i'm still on top of things. i trust my doctor and know she'll point me in the right direction if need be.

Tomorrow Jenny and i will be doing our weekly Ninja shopping. We call it that, because once we get started, if anyone should get in our way, we go Ninja on them! hush! we've been doing this since she was 5, and have a blast doing it. we do it every saturday, whether or not we have the money. If there's no money, we just do the mall crawl, and people watch. Cant beat it.

okay i'm off to the library, to pick up a book on Jon and Kate plus 8. I'm trying to get some more insight into Kate. She's such a mean woman, and i'm really trying to have an even perspective.

Have a great day!

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Debbie Jean said...

When you figure out the Jon & Kate plus 8 thing, please let me know. Doesn't she see herself being so mean?? I love the show, and she is very organized but her attitude sucks, esp to her poor hubby.


God Bless~
Debbie Jean