Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Enough of that Monkey Business

Today was a rather nice day here on Waltons Mountain. Aw sniff, just saying Waltons Mountain makes me all sorts of sad. The Hallmark Channel has not renewed their contract with the company that owns The Waltons, soooo, no more Waltons for me Monday through Friday 9am-10am. I lived for this show, the message that it sends. Family values. It reminds me of a time when i was a teen, watching it with my mom and dad. I looked at the message boards over at Hallmark, and everyone is up in arms over the cancellation. Letters, petitions and emails are being sent, and hopefully, the people have spoken. We'll see.

Where was i? oh yeah, nice day on Waltons Mountain. Scotty woke up at 12:15 in the AFTERNOON. yes, you read it right. But, he got right up, and broke out the new vacuum, and began cleaning! As for myself, i busily scanned a ton of pictures of times gone by. Then, we had to take Monkey to her vet appointment. In case you didnt know, Monkey is my cat, and she's 11. about 8 months ago, she snagged her tail on the fence at our old house, Little House on the Ghetto. it bled for a few days, but seemed okay. Then one day we heard her scream, and half the tail broke off! We cleaned it, peroxided it, and basically kept an eye on it. When we brought her up to Waltons Mountain, it began to get infected, smelled gawdawful. But, we just didnt have the money for a veterinarian.

I was online, checking on something, when i came across the vet that spayed Monkey for 20 bucks, all those years ago. I called, and an appointment was only 20 bucks. i figured, i could get her in, and he could give her an anti-biotic and she'd be good as new. So, since i'm a big baby, and cry where anything involving my animals is concerned, Scotty and Jenny took her. They called me after the appointment. The doctor said he was going to remove the entire tail, that she'd stay overnight, and we could pick her up at 4:30 tomorrow (Wednesday) and it will only cost 100 dollars! So, my heart breaks that she has to stay overnight in a strange place, but tomorrow? she's going to be a brand new Monkey! Plus, i've been preparing her for 2 weeks, telling her daily that we were taking her to the doctor to get her tail fixed.

I had to make my blog today about my cat. I have always loved ALL of my animals, almost to the point of losing my mind. I know this is what is good for her, but still, she's my baby. She gives off the impression that she doesnt give a crap about me, but she knows who feeds her, keeps her water dish clean, and brushes her fur. She poo poo's me alot, but then sometimes she'll go out of her way to flop on her back and show me her belly. Cats are funny sometimes!

ok, i'm sufficiently calmed down after watching American Idol, so its off to bed, until tomorrow, or whenever i wake up, whichever comes first. Here's Monkeytice!

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Debbie Jean said...

Hoping sweet Monkey Tice comes home and feels much better. I too am that way about my animals. I am not a cat lover, but cat's tails fasinate me. They move them so elegantly. I wonder if Monkey will still think she has a tail? Give her hugs, if she'll let ya.


God Bless~
Debbie Jean

PS. I always loved Walton's mountain too!!