Sunday, March 15, 2009

The case of the stinking tale is solved....

It reeked something awful. Poor Monkeytice. But, we were finally able to afford the surgery to get Monkeys tail taken off. We left the tail, and the stink at the Vet, and brought home Monkey with her new mini-tail.

she did really good. The drive home was hysterical, she was loaded. She had a half closed right eye, and kept rubbing her head on things. Jennifer laughed at her the entire way home. We put her to bed right when we got home, and she stayed right there until it was time to go out the next morning. She's so much happier, running around, playing, and is almost friendly. i say almost, because, she's a bitch. Always has been. Just doesnt care about anything. But thats okay, its part of her charm. She's funny to watch. She's got stitches on her tail, that come out in another week, so in the meantime, she's constantly trying to outrun the tail. She'll be sitting there, perfectly content, and just take off at a sprint. At least she's healthy!

Jenny has been gone most of the weekend. Her BFF Jany is celebrating at Magic Mountain. Janys mom packed up the girls, her son, and also invited another daughter to spend the entire weekend in the hotel and Magic Mountain. Jenny is having a blast, texting me or calling me about the rides. She's only been once before, with some friends of hers about 4 years ago. However, when they went, one of the kids had a seizure, so that was the end of that trip. Every year since Jennifer has been born, we've always celebrated by going to Disneyland. She says this year she wants to go to Magic Mountain. The pass that she bought for Magic Mountain automatically becomes a year round pass, so i dont have to worry about that. Since i'm elderly (LOL) i'll be in my element, people watching! So come November, we will be at the big kids park, Magic Mountain.

Here's some pictures of Monkey (with my camera phone) and of course one of Henry J, who got a bit jealous of all the attention Monkey was getting, so he decided to flop on the ground and show me his belly. Besides eating, that is his greatest talent.

Monkey and her new post op tail.

Watching the dog downstairs

Henry J showing off!

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