Thursday, March 19, 2009

I'm a brave little soldier

Today i had my first dealings with a wasp. Yes, a wasp! it didnt sting me, but i wasnt sticking around to find out. Now, that i'm sitting down and calmed down after 3 hours, the story is quite funny. but before that? not funny at all.

i had opened up my beautiful french doors to let in the wonderful mountain air. here's a pic of my doors before we moved in.

i had opened the doors, and got my apples out of the fridge to eat, when i heard a noise. not a loud noise, but kind of a buzzing noise. i look up and there are THREE wasps in my living room! of course i started shaking and saying OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD. I got one wasp out the door, i'm sure he was thinking, 'What the hell is wrong with this broad?'. the 2nd wasp just kind of left, probably for the same reason. but the third wasp went into the kitchen. So, i stood there, shaking and starting to cry, when i spotted the ant and roach killer. i grabbed it, and started spraying the wasp. Trust me, this wasp did NOT die from the ant spray. It died because i drowned it. So, feeling quite proud of myself, because i handled something all alone, i sat at my computer, and went back to scanning pics. When i heard THAT noise again. IT WAS RIGHT ABOVE MY HEAD! and there were some flying around the french doors.

Now, i have to tell you, that since Scotty works graveyard, he sleeps during the day. He was in the bedroom sound asleep, and i was quiet during my slaughter, er, drowning of the wasp. But, when i saw the flock of Wasps (or whatever you call a gaggle of Wasps) i started screaming and crying, and i threw open the door, and yelled THERE ARE WASPS IN THE DAMNED HOUSE, GET THEM OUT!!!!!!!!!!!! of course, he gets up, takes the flyswatter and shoos them out the door, and it took all of a minute. He then took the wasp spray (that i apparently kept under the sink) and he sprayed around the edge of the french doors. i made him shut the doors, and until i get something to block the doors to keep the critters out, they arent getting opened again.

I was pretty proud of myself, until i had to get Scotts help, and in his own special way, made me feel like a dufus for getting so upset. and looking back, it WAS funny, keyword WAS. at the time, i was scared to death. But, he saved me from the Wasp invasion.

remind me to tell you about the time we had a mouse in our old house. I didnt handle THAT as well as i did the wasp stuff.

Have a great day.

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Debbie Jean said...

Oh I HATE wasps, bees, etc. Scare me to death!!

Your weather widget isn't working!!!

God Bless~
Debbie Jean