Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Whats the number for 911?

Have you read the newspaper article about the teenager that texted 14,000 times in one month? Well, my little darling Jennifer is well past that world record. Since the 9th of this month, my angel has sent 17,000 texts. She's not allowed to do them during school, but i know my baby is not perfect, and has broken that rule quickly. I'd love to see transcripts on what exactly was said during those texts. i bet by the time i'm done writing this blog, she'll add another 1,000.

We are not a family of the future. It took me forever to even entertain the idea of getting a cell phone.But, it was 2005 and we had just sold our house, didnt have a landline phone anymore, but i had to make sure people could still find me. I dont go anywhere without my phone, and i dont know why. i hate the phone, i'm not a phone yakker, but i have a new found love for texting. At first i didnt understand how to text, didnt get that it filled in the words, so i struggled to do one letter at a time. Once i was 'enlightned' i have become a pro. well, pro enough for an old broad.

I have a love hate relationship with my phone. I love playing with the ringers, and using the camera, but i'm also fine with texting. I try to treat it with respect as it has a jaw dropping amount of power, but there are times when i'd like to throw it through a window. When i was in the hospital for Diabetic Ketoacidosis, i was pretty confused and out of it. i remember, holding it next to me in bed, as it was my only link to the outside. But, in the same instance, i chose to hang it up in a glass of water. Funny, it didnt work after that, but i still held it close. goober.

Thats it for today. i wont bore you with my husband and his foolishness. thats a blog for another day. its good enough to get its own blog. Here's the offender of the day


Debbie said...

I have the same feelings for my phone as you do, I hate to talk, but love to text and it goes with me everywhere, even to the bathroom, where it met it's demise in the toilet...LOL. I can' even imagine 17,000 tests although. She must have sore fingers!!! LOL.

God Bless~

Debbie said...

not tests, but It's late and has been a long day!!!