Saturday, January 31, 2009

Its the end if i say so

What to do when you have nothing to do. Netflix is the answer. Since we live up on Waltons Mountain, we have quite the drive to do anything worth doing. Sure, we have two casino's within 10 minutes driving time, an outlet mall the same distance away. Within town (Which is actually Pine Valley, CA) we have a couple of diners, Frosty Burger, 2 markets, library, things that a small town place would normally have. BUT we have no laundramat, no video stores, not even a Jamba Juice! So, after some checking around, i decided to try Netflix. for 16.99 i can rent 3 movies at a time, i dont have to drive the 30 minutes to the closest video rental place to pick up AND return. i can select them from the privacy of my own home, and they mail them to me. I can return them by mail as well! Almost like porn :)

i love the Classics, and have so far watched The Heiress with Olivia DeHavilland. it has Montgomery Clift in it as the suitor. In real life, Monty was Elizabeth Taylors best friend, and the big rumor was he was gay! ooh, scandal. The other movies we've watched are Get Smart, Appaloosa, Leatherheads, Starsky and Hutch (the TV show) and my fave Billy Jack. I highly recommend Netflix. We have instilled movie night here at our home, which happens to fall on Sunday mornings. Tomorrow it will be 'The Strangers' and since i hate scary stuff, i'll be watching an instant watch movie from Netflix. yep, you can watch them online as well.

Jenny had a sleepover last night. Her friend Monica stayed the night. i like Monica, she's smart, funny and very friendly. She has a beautiful head of dark red hair, and freckles! i love freckles! Their day consisted of walking around Pine Valley doing nothing. I'm giving Monica a ride home tomorrow, and then Jenny gets to clean up after everyone.

Thats it for tonight. I think i'm going to take a week off of being a wife and a mother. Let someone else worrry about what Jennifer is doing, or how much Scotty spent without telling me. I'm just tired. I'm allowed!

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