Sunday, February 8, 2009

that white stuff you see is white stuff

It was midnight, and I was having trouble sleeping last night, and was just sitting up watching something stale on tv, when i hear noise from Jennys bedroom. She was having her friend Monchichi stay over (otherwise known as Monica), and i hear giggling, and then clunk. Just as i was getting up to investigate, the door flies open and Jenny screams 'WE'VE GOT SNOW!!!!!! MOM ITS SNOWING'. i figure it was like my big snow 'event' of last week, just a little nothing. i open up the front door, and am greeted with 2-3 inches of SNOW!!! and its coming down while i'm standing there! This is no false alarm, this is the real thing.

Since i'm a newbie to this snow thing, of course being the idiot i am, i step outside in the snow, in my bare feet. Thank goodness i have neuropathy, otherwise i would have felt the freezing cold right away. I start screaming OH MY GODDDDDDDDDDDDDD ITS SNOWING!! i run inside, put my shoes and jacket on, get my camera and go down the stairs. mush mush mush is the noise my feet are making, and i'm giggling like a freaking toddler! lol.

Jany, who is Jennifers friend, and our neighbor, came running out, telling us about the snow, her mom is in their yardfreaking out like i am. I'm running around the driveway which has a deep blanket of snow on it. No, i didnt make a snow angel, as i thought i might, because, it was TOO cold to lie down in the snow. See? i have SOME sense! Jany and i came back up the stairs, and the girls and i had a late night pig out. An hour after it all started, it was over, and a light rain began to fall on MY snow! We did make a tiny snowman, which, looked like a penis. But, E for Effort!

This morning, hub came home from work, and said that the snow is still all over the place. When i looked outside, there was still snow, you could see my footprints still there, but now filled with water, like a size 8 lake. My first official experience with snow is over, i cant wait until the next one!

my feeties

Next Door Neighbor Jany!

my driveway

a snowflake!

my balcony right after it started snowing

the start to my offensive snowman

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Debbie Jean said...

I am so glad that you got snow. At least it comes and goes fast. Ours stays around for months to fall and slip on. Its almost melted now. YAY! I am happy for you, I know you had fun. Wish I could have been there to see the excitement on your face. By the way the text of snow came at 3:12 am. I read it, and rolled over and smiled. Thanks for including me this time :o)


God Bless~