Thursday, February 12, 2009

sitting in a corner, but with a reason!

Since i spend so much time here at my computer, i thought i'd give myself even more of a reason to sit here. I bought myself a desk! Now, mind you, funds are limited, as always. I was browsing, and they had a desk that i liked for 99 bucks. It wasnt the fancy Cherry wood desk that i had a few years ago, but, still. $99.00 was the perfect price, and this desk is a looker!
So now i've got everything set up in my 'office'. its not much, but its all mine.
On top of the desk are some of my hundreds of bells that i collect. My grandma got me hooked on bells when i was little, so i've always collected them. i just put some of my favorites up there. along with the bells, are a couple of my prized Princess Diana collectibles.

while i'm at it, i thought i'd share me and Jenny's big day. She went from bleached blonde to her normal haircolor. I took her to my friend Tina, who has a nail and hair shop. She's cut Jennifers hair since 6th grade, so i trust her. Jenny's hair was falling out, so i knew it was time to rescue it. So, for 60 dollars, Tina fixed it! She put a 'filler' in, that basically expanded the hair and allowed the regular color to come back in. She rinsed that out. Now, she could have left it at this color, but it was dull and lifeless, so Tina put some dark blonde color in. After the color, she cut it so it looks nice and healthy again! i go in March 14th, to get mine colored and cut too! i love beauty days. i dont get them very often, since i usually put everyone before me. but, mine is only going to cost 30 bucks! cant beat that.

Here is the before:

the filler has been applied.

after the filler and before the color.

finished product

thats it for today. its a lazy day today.


Debbie Jean said...

The desk is cute!! That's what we are looking for. A smaller corner desk.

I love Jenny's hair! Looks a lot healthier. She's a pretty girl!!

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

God Bless~

jojo said...

I like your desk and all the pretty mother collected bells and I have a few of them now but you gotta lot ;) Hope you are feeling better, as much as that is possible...I know...