Monday, January 26, 2009

I'm no longer a snow virgin

I woke up to hub coming home from work this morning saying 'Why arent you looking outside?'. i didnt know what he was talking about, so i got up and looked out the window, and what did i see? SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yes! snow!

now, mind you, it wasnt the snow you snow peeps are used to. Remember, i've never ever been in snow, so this is all so very new to me. But it was snow none the less. It was heavy (according to hub) and very wet, but it was white, and stuck around for a little bit. it caused the highway patrol to have to put that salt stuff on the road because cars were flipping over. Hub said that he felt the front end on the car move a bit on the drive home. There wasnt enough for me to make a snow angel. Shoot, even with my neuropathy in my feet, i could feel the cold when i walked outside. brrr. also, i am editing this to add, that one pic is of sleet. Kristie my friend in NY (who is also a yankees fan, which i'll let slide lol) told me its sleet. She's the snow expert, so i've also experienced sleet now!

No doubt about it, i'm a weather pussy. BUT, now i'm no longer a snow virgin. I was like a little kid. Everytime hub went into lay down after working graveyard, i screamed 'SCOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTY GET UPPPPPPPPPPPP LOOKKKKY'. you should have seen me texting my friends to tell them we had snow. i was shaking so bad. gawd. Here's some pics of my blizzard. (Yes i'm a geek)


Debbie said...

You didn't text me :o( and I wrote a blog about you, go see!!

God Bless~

msdebagain said...

i was freaking out when i texted. i sent it to some people three times! LOL

Debbie said...

Well, you best add me to that text list woman!!!!! LOL.

msdebagain said...

i'm looking at my text list, and it says it sent it to you! ugh.

Reddirt Woman said...

Hi, Deb. Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the blog world. I'm going to go thank Debbie for your visit, too. We got fog ice yesterday here in Oklahoma and today we have had sleet off and on all day. I had to bundle up and go outside so my furbabies would go out. They enjoy biting at the stuff piled up, about 2 inches worth, and playing in it, but they don't like it when it falls on them. Enjoy your snow and thanks again for stopping by.

Helen G.