Thursday, January 1, 2009

Merry Happy New Year

its 2009 and i made it through another year, relatively unscathed. New Years eve, first Scotty left for work at 9pm, then Jenny abandoned me to spend the night with her friend next door. It was me by myself, ringing in the New Years. That is, if you think New Years starts at 10pm. i watched Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper on CNN ring in the East Coast New Years. Then i began to get tired, so i laid down watching TV, and the next thing i knew, it was 2:30am. I MISSED IT! But, even worse, i woke up with a freaking COLD! argh!

an update to my last blog, since i dont think i was really clear. I'm bringing my cats up next week. I had fully intended to do that all along, my itch was that my inlaws jumped the gun on making us take them up here. The original date was spring, and between hub and the inlaws, that date was moved up to this month. Sorry if i wasnt clear about what my real gripe was. Maybe i was getting my cold earlier than i thought.

I just wanted to blog Happy New Year for the 4.5 people that read my blog. I'll go bundle up in my blankey, in front of my heater, and milk it for all its worth, because i plan on making 2009 ALL ABOUT ME.


Debbie said...

Merry Happy New Year my friend. I am sorry you have a cold. Christmas, I was sick and now New Years you are sick. What a couple we are! LOL.

I bet Monkey Tice and Henry J, will be so happy to see you! Sneak them in when it's cold, no body will tell..LOL.

I hope that you feel better soon. It sucks being sick, I know. David has a cold also. He had to work today.


God Bless~

Kristie said...

Ohhh OK, good ... I'm glad your cats will be with you then! Just sooner rather than later.

Sorry you missed counting down to the New Year on your coast ... AND woke with a cold =(

Did you notice our NYC ball drop was a dud?? LOL, I guess it was meant to sparkle and twinkle at the end of the count down. It just stopped and the lights shut off! Hopefully that isn't some sort of sign for the year ahead, yikes!

Anyway ~ Get well soon!!