Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Just once i need it to be all about me

I havent had an 'I'm pissed off blog' in a while.... guess what? todays the day. As you might know, we were living in tightly cramped quarters from May until September of this year. 8 of us crammed into a three bedroom house, my inlaws house. My fat beast Sasquatch looking sister in law, her hub and their gigantic 16 year old nephew were there as well. due to my delayed disability payments, we had to move in with the inlaws since it was either that, or homelessness. Sasquatch and her family promised to be out shortly after we moved in. Well, after 2 months they were still there, and in the end, her unmedicated bipolar overweight self, jumped my physically disabled ass causing hate, discontent, fear and injury to yours truly. What happened after that, was Jenny and i spending days on the back porch 'hiding out' until evening came. When it was dark, we'd creep into the motor home in back to sleep. If i had to pee during the night, i had to go into the house, since the water wasnt hooked up in the RV. And because Sasquatch couldnt be trusted i had to have a bodyguard with me at all times. Great life huh?

Since there was NO WAY we could peacefully co-exist, i did what any smart person would have done, and found a place to live. Since we have shittay credit, i knew finding a place would be next to impossible. I saw a little place on Craigslist, and took a shot. The only downfall to some was that it was in Pine Valley, about an hour away in the mountains from where we lived at the beach. i was so lucky that the owner liked me. She also praised me for being honest about our credit situation, and rented us the apartment. They let us make the down payment in two payments, so i was quite proud that i got the apartment on our own.

Here's where it gets tricky. We have two cats. Monkey, who is 11. and then there is Henry J, who is 5 (he, who is really a she) adopted us when we were living in our Little house on the Ghetto two years ago. Unfortunately, the place we moved into will not allow pets. i figured that we could live here a few months and then we could bring the cats up.

As you might have heard me whine, ITS COLD UP HERE! my cats are beach cats and are not used to the extreme cold. Back when we first moved, we had asked the in laws if our cats could hang out with them until springtime, and we were told 'no problem'. Well apparently hub AND the inlaws came to a meeting of the minds (or lack thereof) that Monkey and Henry J would live here on Waltons Mountain immediately. They know its been below freezing at night, and wont be able to survive outside. Even though we have the garage downstairs, its damned cold! i'm going to be worried sick about them until Springtime.

i know it seems like not such a big deal to some, but these are my babies. i already felt like i was abandoning them at my inlaws. But i had no choice. So, once again, the fat bitch of a sister in law wins, and my family (which i consider to be just Jenny and i at this point) are left out in the cold. I had to move on the spur of the moment, and did what i could. Am i wrong to be pissed off at hub AND his stupid old parents? I'm tired of letting people walk all over me. So, mark my words, if one little thing happens to my cats, i'm mailing their dead body back to my inlaws, postage due.

i can guarantee you this, i am DONE with my husbands parents. and if hub pushes me one more time, he's going to be shipped back to his parents, postage due as well.

Here are two pics. First one is Monkeytice, and below, the cat on the left is Henry J. He is lying down with our old Cat MamaKitty. She was 15 when she died. She was Monkeys mom. Also, the picture was taken just hours before she died. We all thought it was strange that they were lying together, thats why i took the picture. Now, tell me, am i right to be upset?


Katie Mae said...

I think you have every right to be upset Deb. The cats are cold and they wouldn't be cold if the in laws had kept their word or if Scotty reminded the in laws they should keep their word.

I think I hate your sister in law as much as I hate my own. Amazing what one fucking turd can do to a family.

Debbie said...

Poor kitty's!! I am sure Monkey Tice and Henry J, will be OK, but still!! I am sorry Scotty's family are being jerks. I used to blame David for his JERK family, but then realized he can't control his family. Try and not be to hard on Scotty, it's his parents not him. Unless of course he is supporting them in this. Maybe that's what his family is trying to do, put a wedge between you and him. Maybe they are to reliant on Scotty. I don't know. Just some thoughts. I wish I could help ya with the kitty's. I am not a kitty person but do love animals and hate to see them cold. Although my big dog, Bart is on my poop list. He almost made me fall today and wouldn't move his lazy a$$. Deb, I am here for ya. I am praying hard for your little family. I too, have a HORRIBLE sis in law. Sometimes I think she does stuff to start trouble.

Anyways, I love ya!! Hope whatever I rambled made some sense...LOL..

Love the look of your blog!! Good job my friend!!

God Bless~

Kristie said...

Perhaps I'm pulling a Captain Obvious here; but have you tried talking with the landlord? If you explain everything to them, just like you did here ... Maybe they'd be willing to make an exception, if only until spring?!

I'm sorry Deb ... pets really do become part of the family. Fortunately cats are really resilant! They'll be OK.

msdebagain said...

maybe i should update: Our landlord is very cool. I'm just bringing the cats up here. The lady that lives next door in the other house owned by the landlord has 2 cats and a pit bull, and she says he's never said a word. It wont be a problem. The big problem to me was the inlaws.