Monday, January 5, 2009

Time for the Second Act

Its 2009, and as luck would have it, i'm still here! After all of the trials and tribulations in 2008, i've survived. And you can have no doubt, i have learned a LOT from last year, and will make sure that i am NOT going to have more of the same this year!

This morning while watching The View (Yes, i sometimes watch The View, that is, until Sherri Shepherd starts talking, then off it goes). Barbara Walters made a comment when talking about Liza Minelli, and referring to her life as 'A Second Act'. That no matter how many times she's been down, she comes back up for the Second Act. And thats exactly what i intend to do! I'm going to use a lot of people as my lifeline, and learn from their examples, be it good or bad. I'm going to spend 2009 going through my 'Second Act'. its a much better phrase for Resolutions, dont you think?

One thing i'm going to do is NOT let my husbands family walk all over me. This is MY home, and they do not live here, nor do they pay the rent. Therefore, they are not allowed up here. if they want to see their son, THEY can have him meet them anywhere BUT here. I know its harsh, but all last year, they did NOTHING to back me up or stand up for me at my most difficult time (Sasquatch). So, i have decided its ME that people need to cater to now. At first i thought i would tell Jennifer that she couldn't see them either, but then i thought 'thats not wise'. So i kept my mouth shut. So far, she's not made mention of whether she wants to or not, but i do know by her choice she wont go to their home as long as the beast Sasquatch, is living at their house. Cant say i blame her. She's a wise child, and i know when all that shit was going down the night of 'the incident' Jennifer was scared shitless. Children just dont forget someone attacking their parent. And hub isn't arguing with me at all. i dont think he's backing my decision, he's just like his mommy and daddy, not a man of conflict. (hmm he doesnt have a problem conflicting with me)

Another thing i'm planning on pursuing, is my darts comeback. For those of you that dont know, i used to be a damned good competitive steel tipped darts player. Then i got married. Money was in short supply, and then i had Jennifer, and she came first, so i dropped playing darts. in 2002 i entertained the idea of staging a comeback, but i ended up with Breast Cancer. After having 14 nodes surgically removed, it affected my throwing arm severely. my range of motion was hampered. Even with therapy it is still limited. But, with the help of a friend (Thanks Anne) i'm having my old darts remade, and am working to come back. I've still got a long way to go, but i honestly think i can do it. There is a dart player, Shaun Greatbatch, from England who has bone marrow cancer. He's currently undergoing treatment, but was able to play in a tournament in England. Thats my inspiration, so if he's able to do this, i can suck it up and try!

I'm going to take better care of myself healthwise this year. I did pretty good last year. After my hospitalization due to Diabetic Ketoacidosis in 07, i began to try to eat a better diet. Sure, i had some slips, but compared to the last 10 years, i made a wonderful improvement. But, there's always room for more improvement. So each month, i'm going to try to eat something new. Dont get my wrong, I will ALWAYS have my food rule, No Loaf, Log, or Whiz. But, it can be something as simple as eating wheat pasta. I've always asked that my children try something new, so why should i be any different? What i have told them is ' you can spit it out on the spot if you dont like it'. i thought it would be entertaining for them to have that option. And you know what? Neither child has ever spit one thing out!

In October, my friend Kathy and I went to the Ellen Degeneres Breast Cancer Survivor show. We're both survivors and the show was dedicated to all BC survivors. Everyone in the audience was a breast cancer survivor, and American Airlines gave everyone in the audience a free plane ticket anywhere American Airlines flies in the USA. So, i decided to use mine to visit my dear friend Katie in Idaho. The last time i saw her, Katies son was an infant, and uncerimoniously puked on my shoulder. Katies got a new baby, so what better way to celebrate, than have her new baby puke on me!? However, AA doesnt fly to Idaho directly. i dont know why and I've written the president of the Airlines but, being the new me, i'm trying hard to just move on!!! I decided that it was better if i didnt go alone, so i talked to my friend Kathy about buying her free ticket. so, i'm bringing Jennifer with me. Jennifer and Katies daughter Abbie are about the same age, and are TFF's, Text Friends Forever, so why not have them meet face to face! We'll be going in April. I'm so excited, i cant stand myself!

Thats it, i've blathered.


Debbie said...

Together, we will make 2009 a GREAT year!!!!!


God Bless~


Well now let us not forget Dennis Priestley who just competed in a World Championship just months after completing treatment for prostate cancer. You go girl!