Friday, January 23, 2009

Life is too short to be tall

Diabetes sucks. Have i said that lately? nope. Well, it does! i've been feeling crappy ever since my DKA almost 2 years ago. I apparently ended up with Gastroparesis. Here's the symptoms of this lovely ailment.

Signs and symptoms of gastroparesis are

  • heartburn
  • pain in the upper abdomen
  • nausea
  • vomiting of undigested food—sometimes several hours after a meal
  • early feeling of fullness after only a few bites of food
  • weight loss due to poor absorption of nutrients or low calorie intake
  • abdominal bloating
  • high and low blood glucose levels
  • lack of appetite
  • gastroesophageal reflux
  • spasms in the stomach area

Eating solid foods, high-fiber foods such as raw fruits and vegetables, fatty foods, or drinks high in fat or carbonation may contribute to these symptoms.

The symptoms of gastroparesis may be mild or severe, depending on the person. Symptoms can happen frequently in some people and less often in others. Many people with gastroparesis experience a wide range of symptoms, and sometimes the disorder is difficult for the physician to diagnose.

I cannot eat more than a palm full of food at a time, and then i have to hope it doesnt come right back up. i spend most of my days either nauseous or full. I cannot remember the last time i ate an entire meal. For instance, Jenny and i went to Subway today. They didnt have my favorite soup (Broccoli and cheese) and there's NO way i can eat a full sandwich, so i just had Jenny get extra turkey on her sub, and i ate that. BUT, 4 slices of turkey was too much, i ate one slice and a half slice of cheese, and thats all i could handle.

Today i decided to log everything that i put in my mouth, and i would figure out how many calories it was. I'm supposed to have 1600 calories a day according to my doctor. My calorie count for what i've eaten today is 551. If i hadnt eaten the candy bar this morning, it would have been 340. My last doctor visit i had lost 6 pounds in a week. Normally this would be nice, as i can still afford to lose the weight, but i'm just not eating, at all.

Right before i got DKA, i weighed 242 pounds soaking wet. then after almost dying, and spending 7 days in the hospital, i got down to 178. i ended up gaining 20 pounds back, but now? i'm going back down. I will be having GI test done, where you have to drink some stuff, and they x-ray you. NOT looking forward to that, as i'm almost 100 percent sure, that it will come flying out of me, one way or another.

One of the things i've chosen to take on in the new year is movie watching. I figured one person can only watch MASH or All My Children so often without losing their marbles, so i joined Netflix. You can choose which membership level you want, and i chose 3 movies at a time for 16.99. they pay all of the postage and you never have late fees. AND the cool part is you can also watch them online, which i have already taken advantage of. Today i watched The Glen Miller Story. I love the old classics! We've got Leatherheads and Appaloosa to watch this weekend. Today we watched Get Smart, and that did nothing but give me a headache. i dont like Steve Carrell. (its okay, i'm sure he doesnt like me either) When i return those movies, Billy Jack is next. i'll be searching through Netflix list of movies to view.

Thats it for now. Think good thoughts for my belly. xoxo


Katie Mae said...

Lord only knows why... but I can manage to eat about 5000 calories in a days time. I'll kep track of the little items I eat that have a buttload of calories... but you know how it goes where the more it is of what you need, the more it is in what you don't need, like carbs!

I'm determined to get you on injections... daily injections, like when you eat! The needle phobia goes away, I swear... if you do them yourself! I still cry when someone else sticks me for anything.

And what about a pump? Has anyone talked to you about one? We'll play with mine when you're hear and I'll let you wear an infusion set for a couple of days to see if you could get used to it.

Ohhh that reminds me! So the place I get my pump supplies from, also sells infusion sets for daily injectors! It's like the same thing I wear for my pump, but you use it for injections... meaning there's only one stick with the infusion site for a few days at a time! You could do 20 insulin injections and not have to poke yourself!

My nails are green/blue, the radio station sucks ass and I can't wait for you and PP to get here! 2.5 months baby! Woohoo!

Debbie said...

Oh I hate gastroparesis. I so totally unerstand Deb. I get so constipated I can't eat, and I have hiccups 20 times plus a day. I also can not eat much at a time. I am now on 8 shots a day!! Oh Deb, I HATE DIABETES!!!!!!

God Bless~

msdebagain said...

katie, i start those injections next month, 1 a day, and for the life of me i cant remember what it is. I'm sure you'll have to 'do me' when i get there as i know i cant handle it.

deb, isnt it awful!? i wish there were a cure for it, and if there is, why hasnt someone told us!

Debbie said...

It's lantus is what you will be taking. That's what you told me anyway!!

Cure? There will never be one, they make to much money off us!!


God Bless~

jojo said...

I have suffered with this little doozy for about fifteen years. Yeah...i've vomited almost every day. It's disgusting yet I manage to carry around a 240. How long have you had diabetes? 40 years for me. Cure?? I agree with Debbie...they make too much money from us. I hope you find something that works for you--if so--pass it on. Take care, jj

msdebagain said...

i've had it since 97, but i was a non compliant diabetic, and it almost cost me my life, i ended up with DKA in 07. Gastrparesis was a gift i got to keep after that!