Monday, December 22, 2008

Now, who will lead the Carnival?

Hard to believe Christmas is almost here. As usual, i'm done with all of my wrapping, decorating, and fudgery early, now all thats left is waiting for the fat bastard to come down my fake chimney. Yes i have a fake chimney. Jenny drew it on school lined paper. I refuse to tell everyone they have to believe to receive and then not have a way for Santa to get in the house.

its crazy raining today, but i'm up for it. i am not getting my hopes up for snow, even though the Weatherman specifically said Pine Valley when mentioning snow. i'll just lie on the ground outside through February and wait for it to snow around me. In the meantime, Katie, who has patiently watched me whine about us not getting snow, went ahead and took a picture of Deb in the snow.

Speaking of Katie, there's been a change in plans for my visit to IdahoUdaho. I am bringing Jenny with me. I think the trip will be good for ALL of those involved. I get to see my dear friend and spend time with her. I'll also get to meet Rachelle in person. AND Jenny and Abbie can finally get together and plot Mine and Katies deaths. Isnt that what they really want to do? :)

I'm going to leave you with a poem. On my soap All My Children, Eileen Herlie passed away a month or so ago, and she portrayed Myrtle Fargate on the soap. They read a poem about her at the end, and i so loved it. I want it read at MY funeral! so remember that when i die. I plan on my hub forgetting to do it, so i'm relying on you!

Now, who will lead our Carnival, who will make us stronger?
Who will mend our broken sleep, when she is here no longer?
For those who part, do we stand and bow
Which stories do we tell, and will we memorize the day?
When great and greatness fell, say will this valley overcome.

and will the shadows fade, will we lift our eyes to see?
the beauty that she made,
The disappearing last of her
that leads to worlds unknown
Has left a path to softly tread, when sadness wanders home.
I'll meet thee where the highland winds divide wild mountain thyme.
Where i'll be forever yours, and you forever mine.


Java and Books said...

I happened upon your blog this evening while I was looking for the poem Zach read for Myrtle. I, too, would like to have it read when it's my time to do. Thank you for writing it out so that others, like me, could find it. Have a blessed Christmas.

Debbie said...

Merry Christmas Deb, Scotty and Jenny!! I love you all!!

God Bless~

Kristie said...

That poem really needed a "Grab Kleenex before reading" warning ahead of it!

It's beautiful, really. But Geez, lol.