Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas and the Eve you rode in on

Christmas Eve. its here. Santa has his crap loaded and is on his way to my house. Yep, its all about me. It hasnt been about me in a very long time, so i choose tonight, for it to start being all about me again!

Today, the inlaws set up an appointment to drive the hour to visit us at our home on Waltons Mountain. So, of course, i scheduled myself a doctor appointment in town for the same time they were scheduled to be here. Life works in wonderful ways sometimes. Since they are old and crazy (my thoughts on paper here) they aren't able to find their way to our house once they get off the freeway. So they meet us at the coffee shop in town, and follow us back to the house. In todays case, i slowed down long enough for Jenny and Scotty to jump out of the car and i sped off towards the freeway.

They brought gifts and money with them. I would expect nothing less from them. Hey, my life was hell at their house, so i dont pull punches anymore. They gave Jenny a 60.00 dollar jacket from Tilleys and a 50 dollar Tilleys Gift Card. yes, you can buy Jennys love. They also brought a roaster oven to cook our turkey in. Our oven is dinky schminky and doesnt cook for shit, so the Roaster oven is now mine, since possession is 9/10ths of the law.

Thats where happiness took the offramp. i come home after a wonderful visit with my friend Deb, to the smell of Turkey cooking. Good old Scotty decided to start cooking the turkey a full 24 hours EARLY. well, it was WAY done, the meat was falling off the bones without even touching the turkey. the skin didnt get brown, and my favorite part of the turkey is the skin. oh well, Scotty must be punished. I'll get back to you on that one.

We opened a gift each as is tradition in hubs family. Jenny got a blowdryer from Santa, Hub got a warm jacket and i got an electric blanket. All is right with the world, so far.

tonite our weatherman, in his infinite wisdom, is forecasting snow on Christmas morning. However this snapperhead has yet to be right, so i wont hold my breath. However, i usually have the blinds down on our french doors, but not tonight. Just on the offchance that there is snow in the morning when we wake up, i want to see it right away.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas. Stay safe! here's a couple of pics from the opening ceremony festivities.

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