Saturday, December 20, 2008

Strange but true!

i am very angry with - they promised me snow, endlessly. i got all excited. i broke out my Uggs, my sweats, cleaned up my NY Giants stadium jacket and nothing. it snowed 1 mile away from us, but not here. We got the mountain crowd here though. They were turning cars away from the snow by the 1000's and since we're the first town coming out of the mountain, everyone pulled in here. I hate tourists. They cant drive, they are really demanding, and none of them are cute. Yeah i'm a bitter woman. We did get ICE and the temperature got down to 20, but big deal. how am i supposed to make a snow angel in slush?

Jenny and i walked to the store. its 1 mile away, and i was pretty proud of myself. i made it the entire way. We went to the post office, then to the library, and then to the Mountain Market. Jenny is a trooper and walked slow to wait up for me. She's a good sport, only complained a couple of times. I bought an orange sherbet pushup, and since the temperature was only 41, it didnt melt at all waiting for me to eat it. Here are a couple of pics of our walk.

you know me, i took a million more, but these give you the idea of what we did. the picture with Jenny and the soldiers etc are an example of what is scattered through town. Small town life is the life for me!

So, apparently i've been tagged to do this about me stuff. i'm a good sport, so i'll play.

i have to list 50 things about myself. i'm anal, and cannot list 50 things evenly enough to suit me, so i'm just listing them as i please. Please read this, you may find out something about me you didnt know!

1. My hub Scotty. We met in Jan 1991, were engaged in March of 1991, and Married June 15, 1991. So, despite a lot of trials and tribulations, we're still together almost 18 years later.

2. Jenny punkin pie. She just turned 15. She was born ON her due date! it took us almost 2 years to get pregnant with her. she was born with a condition called Ureterocele. Basically its a flap that makes the urine back up into the kidney. it was so bad, the doctor had to take 1/2 of her kidney at 10 months. at 3 yrs old she had corrective surgery to fix the problem because she didnt outgrow it. she also had her duplex ureters repaired. Google is your friend. She's fine now!

3. Jesse, my son prior to my marriage. he's 26 now. I'll just keep this short, except to say he doesnt like me much. He didnt like it at home when he had rules and curfew at age 16. He brought girls into the house when i was at work, doing the nasty. He had substance issues, and i finally chose to show him tough love and out he went at 17. He did fine on his own, and lives with his girlfriend and her child. At first i was upset at my epic fail as a parent, but then i realized i had to move on, and get over it. i did. i can accept that he hates me. i know i did right by him, did everything i could for him. He chose his path in life, and in the end it all turned out ok.

4. i will include my parents here. They are no longer with us, but still to this day remain a big part of my life. RIP

I love my friends, each and every one of them. There are a couple that started out being an enemy, and through 'our' persistence, they are back in my life, and i'm SO happy, for without them, i'd be less of a person.

I registered at the age of 18 (1976) to vote. Registered Republican. I never changed because it never has anything to do with the way i vote. i vote with my heart and my brain, not with my political affiliation. I do however wish that GW would just vanish. Its because of him, that my husbands cousin was killed in Iraq in December of 06. I support our troops but i do not support this war.

I believe in God. i am not vocal about it like others. i believe religion is a right. I am protestant by birth. i tried to go to a Catholic church once, but the kneeling drove me insane. Besides, it takes too long in Catholic church. God knows i believe, and i dont think that you need to always go to church to pray. He knows where you are.

Darts - i first picked up Steel Tipped darts in June of 1977 when i was hanging out at a bar resting after skating up and down the boardwalk. i fully intended to just play for fun, until one day i actually beat someone good at a tournament (for those of you that play darts, remember Judy Campell?) i beat her in singles at the Queen Mary and that was it, i was hooked. i ended up playing on the ADO-BDO (United States vs British Dart Org) all star team, i was nationally ranked, i was number one in my League and a top ranked Southern California player. My health forced me to take a break, and i'm trying to stage a comeback. I miss the comraderie and the competition of darts, so i hope to get back in the game.

Appearance - I am 5'9 and right now weigh about 190. at this height i've been as light as 119 and as heavy as 306. yo yo. I have the worlds crappiest hair. its never been thick, or pretty. I have very nice looking legs, and i know it! have you seen my ankles? so cute! and i have tiny feet. oh, and my favorite thing, i'm a hairless wonder! no hair has ever grown on my arms or legs. I 've never shaved my legs. jealous? i would hope so! :)

Music - i love all music. I am a BIG fan of Wayne Newton, having seen him 17 times in concert. yes, i'm a Wayniac. i also talked to someone in a chat room on AOL who gave me directions to Waynes Las Vegas (Henderson) ranch. we went there i took a ton of pics, until we were shooed along by the police. I am also a big fan of Toby Keith. Seen him many times from the 2nd row. Garth too. i had a front row experience with him in San Diego. He came out, i started bawling. i touched his boot, and we had eye contact in the 4th song. i paid 400 dollars a ticket for Hub and i to go, and it was without a doubt, one of the best experiences of my life. I also love Josh Groban, Andrea Bocelli, and Celine Dion. did i mention Liberace? i loved him, and get this.... he played piano with my gramma!

Television: i LOVE TELEVISION! i have many favorite shows. Greys Anatomy, Ugly Betty, American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, COPS, America's Next Top Model, Animal Cops, anything on the Food Network (except those stupid Neeleys)
i love television, and i'm not ashamed to say so.

1. I am petrified of balloons. They make my heart race, my breathing speed up, i sweat, shake, and cry. I dont know why, and i have NO sense of humor about it.
2. i am allergic to onions.
3.i am allergic to bees
4.i am the Queen of useless information
5.i've never been late anywhere
6.i'm a control freak
7.Jennifer says i have no butt
8.i cry when i am mad. cant help it.
9.i hate the telephone. son weighed 11 pounds at birth (ouch)

Health (i added this)
1. i am a type 2 diabetic. i ignored it for 10 years thinking i was feeling good. Then in April of 07, i had Diabetic Ketoacidosis. I had every symptom, and i was told had i waited one more day to go to the doctor, i'd have died. I've got control of my diabetes, lost 70 pounds and i'm doing much better.

2. i am a 6 yr Stage 2b Breast Cancer Survivor. I had a lump in my armpit, and put off doing anything about it for a year! when i went in, i ended up having three lumps. One lump was 5cm big. i had a partial mastectomy, chemo, radiation, and had 14 lymph nodes removed, 4 of which were positive that the cancer had spread. this is what has screwed with my dart throwing arm, but i beat cancer, i can beat this too.

3. Gastroparesis. My tummy empties slow, and causes me to be nauseous all of the time. It also makes me look knocked up! argh.

4. Neuropathy. Causes my feet and legs to be numb and painful all of the time. it could be worse, but isnt, yet. i hate it.

5. Chemo put me into early menopause. Nothing bad about that. Beats having a period!

Thats it. it aint 50 things, sue me!

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