Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas !

Today is Christmas! a year of planning and its done in minutes! But thats okay, as i love Christmas. I especially like it that we have Scott on a 24 hour moratorium for his daily snotty behaviour. he is not allowed to be angry, make snotty remarks, NOTHING! Jenny and i both love it!

We got up at 7:15 am. This, after i got an entire hour of sleep. So i think, after this blog, its back to bed for me! Jenny was a good sport opening her gifts, acting excited on every one of them, even the ones she knew she was getting before hand! Santa was kind to her this year, even though he didnt have a lot of money. She got a digital camera, clothes, flat iron, blow dryer, etc. she also got her yearly Holiday Barbie (pictured below). from the time of her very first Christmas we've bought a Holiday Barbie for her. They remained in the box and are all so beautiful! Scotty got a nice jacket, tools, clothes and blanket. As for me, since i am Santas helper, and the keeper of the dollars in this house, i didnt get much, but oh, what i DID get, was spectacular!

i got a digital photo keychain from the inlaws and jammies. I got a crock pot that hub will end up using since i am a princess and do not cook. Then the big surprise came. Scotty kept some money from his paycheck and got me an engagement ring! yeah, cool huh? We had to sell mine when i was hospitalized last year and there was a delay in my disability. i was very sad about it. My ring is so pretty! now, i just need to find a wedding band.

Jenny and i are going to go to the mall tomorrow morning at 6am. We're going to do Black Friday! She's got a 50 dollar gift card for Tillys, and i'm going to go NUTS looking for sales! we've never done this before, so we've got it all mapped out. By the time we're done, we figure the majority of the freaks, err, shoppers, will just be showing up. Wish us luck!

Also, one gift i gave to myself is that i added texting to my phone line! it only made sense. Jenny's line was 15.00 for unlimited. So, to add unlimited texting to all three of our lines was $19.95. Jenny taught me how to text, and it just seemed the next step. Feel free to text me!

Here are some pics for our morning. Merry Christmas, or whatever it is you celebrate, and have a safe New Year. Remember, its amateur night, stay home~

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Kristie said...

Your ring is beautiful.
I'm glad you had a nice Christmas. Happy New Year to you too ~ and you're right, it IS amature night, so definitely stay @ home!