Friday, December 26, 2008

the day after the day

Merry day after Christmas. I hope it was as fun for you as it was for us. We had an entire day of no fighting, and happy faces. Santa did right by us, but i can say i am glad the day is over.

Jenny and i decided that we would go shopping the day after Christmas. Yes, THAT shopping! we would set our alarm for 6am, and head down Waltons Mountain to the Mall to shop with the other evil shoppers.

We set both our cell phone alarms, that way if one alarm didnt go off, the other alarm would be a good backup. Imagine our surprise when we woke up to two alarms going off to the tune of Danke Schoen, and Taste of Ink by the Used. Who woulda thunk Wayne Newton could do a duet with The Used? After we got over our initial shock, we dressed within 15 minutes and made the 40 minute drive to the mall. There was barely anyone there! We went to Walmart first, and there was maybe 30 people waiting to get in at 7am. We were at the mall until after 12 o'clock, and that seemed to be when the people started showing up.

i enjoyed my trip around the mall. There wasnt much money to piss away, like in past years, but i still made it enjoyable. After my purchases in Bath and Body, Tillys and the Food Court, i headed to the other end of the mall to look around. and Lo and Behold there was a kiosk for SHAMWOW!!!!!!!! i know, i could barely contain my excitement. But, there was nothing being sold or displayed, just the sign. Apparently just before i got there, some woman went ballistic on the Shamwow salesman. She was yelling and screaming at him, because she said he called her an Idiot! now, i dont know what part of the world this broad comes from, but to yell at the Shamwow man, no matter what he did, was uncalled for! He sells THE most fabulous product on the face of the earth! So, needless to say, i didnt get my Shamwow yet. If you are in your local mall, and see the Shamwow Salesman, throw a coin on his counter, and tell him he is allowed to call anyone an idiot that he damn well pleases!

Jenny and i had a very nice day, using coupons at every opportunity. Since money is tight, i am a coupon nazi. Today i saved money at Walmart, Arby's and Albertsons! Also, i am a certified mall people watcher, so while i was waiting for Jenny (who was walking around with her friend) i 'people watched'. Let me tell you, my vision will NEVER be the same after seeing an 80 year old man with Male camel toe! *shudder*

thats it for now! we just had homemade taco's (thanks Scotty) and now i'm off to watch some free HBO. xoxo


Debbie said...

"Let me tell you, my vision will NEVER be the same after seeing an 80 year old man with Male camel toe!"

Oh that thought makes me sicker than I am already!!

Glad that you and Jenny had a good day. Sounds like fun. I am so jealous of you!!!(But happy for you). I wish my neuropathy would get so I can walk!!! UGH!!!!!

Love you!

God Bless~
The SICK Debbie...LOL

Kristie said...

Male Camel Toe = Moose Knuckles!!! LMAO, think about it ... *shiver*

People watching is one of my favorite pass times! Some of my thoughts of others aren't always nice ... but they're usually funny =X

Glad you & Jenny had a fun day!