Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving and then some

my first Thanksgiving on Waltons mountain. i've got everything i need to cook our first Waltons turkey dinner. Potatoes, corn, biscuits and of course a mini birdzilla. We usually get a 25 pound turkey, but i just wasnt in the mood to spend half a day cooking the bird. So 17 pounds will do. Jenny is the queen of mashed potatoes, so her job is assigned. I'm going to make some nice homemade gravy. NO, not out of a jar. the gravy where you plop in the flour and milk, thank you very much. This will be my first chance to meet the handsome men at the Pine Valley Fire Department.

My mother in law didnt even bother to ask if Scott, Jennifer and I wanted to spend Thanksgiving with them. i mean, she knows i hate Sasquatch, the sister in law, but she should still call and ask if at least her own son wants to come down. But nope, nothing. Family. Cant live with them, cant shoot them without getting caught. Besides, there isn't enough landfill to hide the sister in law (Sasquatch).

This is the time of year when i have a very short break in my reality TV. Dancing with the Stars is over for the year, since last night was their finale. Derek Hough and Brooke Burke won it. They beat Warren Sapp and Kim Johnson. Warren is a former Raider, and since its my duty to be a lifelong Raider Hater, i never liked him. I dont know what it is about the show, but it occupied my Monday and Tuesday nights for 10 weeks. and America's Next Top Model is over too! i now have to wait until January for American Idol. So i've just got my Thursday night television and of course COPS on Saturday night. and dont forget the Cleaner on A&E with Benjamin Bratt. I have no life, so if you want to tell me this, you aren't telling me anything i dont already know.

I have decided that i am married to the worlds biggest dork. Poor Scotty, he's a good man, this i know. but something about him snaps when he goes into Walmart. Or pretty much anywhere he can compare prices. Why you ask? He's a manager for Walmart. Yes, he's one of those. dont get me wrong, i love Walmart. i get a discount thanks to his employment there, and my health insurance is through his work as well. But wow, Scotty! We walk in, and the first thing he does is start spouting off about 'endcaps' and 'comp rails' i just crack up. As i'm typing this, he corrects me and says 'the comp rail is also the managers wall'. he does this throughout the entire store. For instance, yesterday, i was looking for tv trays, but getting there i decided to take the scenic tour through the store. Scotty assumed i was lost and began saying 'THE TV TRAYS ARE IN HOUSEWARES DEBRA' and off he went, leaving me by myself. He's so military in his movements involving Walmart. We walked by a phone on a post, and it was ringing. Scotty, pretended to answer the phone saying 'Walmart can i help you' and then laughing hysterically. and i just keep walking like i dont know him. then he yells, 'lets pick up the phone and dial #96 HAHAHAHA' since i have no clue what that means, as its employee speak, i dont get the joke. but he's bent over laughing at himself.
and Heaven forbid if there's a cheaper price at Walmart than another store. for instance, the Cool Whip is 1.09 at Walmart, and 1.55 at Albertsons. Scotty proudly announces the price difference AND the employee discount. and we dont even LIKE cool-whip! Oh, and please dont pick up an item and put it in your cart, and change your mind later on. Scotty will take that item back to where it came from. Sometimes thats fun for me! Its fun shopping with Scotty, i should video it sometime!

i'm off to microwave some fake cheese and have some chips. I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving! I'm thankful for my friends for what they all bring to my life. xoxo


Mariah said...

1 hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving day..... it sounds like you will!! I can't get over the size of the bird you chose for just 3 people!!! I had ordered a 15 pounder which is unusually small. I wasn't going to have the crowd we usually do. This year, however, 2 people are a no show. Morgan has decided not to come and one of my sisters didn't make the trip down from Michigan. Our son and daughter in law will be in Chicago because Erin has to work tomorrow. Her parents will join them there tomorrow. I put Morgan's framed senior picture on the credenza in the dining room so she will be here in spirit. LOL!
Love you!

Mariah said...

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Katie said...

Michael & I were at Shaw's (the supermarket) buying food for Thanksgiving and he couldn't figure out where cranberry sauce was... so I told him it was probably on an "endcap" somewhere...

Does he "zone" while shopping too? I just can't help it sometimes... I'm the CSM that actually cares about how things look etc.

Pssst... #96 is what you dial to Page... not that you would ever do that...