Sunday, November 23, 2008

It practically sells itself!

what a nice sunday here on Waltons Mountain. Jenny has been spending most of the day at her friend Britneys house. They are practicing cheer moves, since Jenny plans on trying out for cheer next year. When she told me, at first i said NO. NEVER. but i think i had a bad experience with JV cheer at her former high school, so i'm willing to give it another shot. I like the idea of cheer, and the friendships that come with it. She's also trying out for softball. This is a pleasant surprise, as i dont think of Jenny as athletic like her father and i were. But at least she's trying, so i appreciate that.

we bought our Christmas tree. This year i'm going for the goth look. We bought a black tree! yes, a black tree! Walmart 48.00 (not including our discount).i shopped all over town (the real town not Waltons Mountain) for pink ornaments and ribbon, but couldnt find any. sooo, i bought some pretty white and blue garland/ribbon
to go around the tree. we're on the hunt for some sky blue ornaments and then we're in business. we'll be putting up the tree as usual, the day after thanksgiving.

I was sitting here today, all by my lonesome (which i love) thinking about how much i'm addicted to infomercials. first an
d foremost, the Shamwow guy. i have a crush on this creepy looking guy, and i want to buy the Shamwow. as he says 'it practically sells itself'

another ad that i've watched EASILY 50 times is The GT Express. The lady that puts the different food items in the little toaster thingy. Things like Stuffed Soup and Pita's. She interrupts the host that assist her in selling this thing, and nothing looks appealing, but i want one!

these are just two of my favorites. i love love love infomercials. i wish i had money, because i'd buy a ton of these items. but i must draw the line at the Ped Egg and anything to do with Colon Cleansing. i am not a fan of feet, so shredding the feet and saving it in the egg disgusts me to no end. And need i comment on Colon Cleansing? blech.

Thats it for today. I'm getting the hang of putting pics in here. in order for me to take over the internetz, i need to have the grasp of it that KatieMae has. But in my quest to take over the internet, i will have to take over her mind. i know how her mind works, and this will be an undertaking in itself!


Debbie said...

Oh that Ped Egg grosses me out too! The thought of foot shavings!! EKKKKKK.. Colon cleansing just makes me squirm...

I am not much into infomercials. They kind of drive menuts!! LOL..

A goth Christmas tree, LOL.. Only in California. Out here in the north, they'd look at you like you were a freak or something.LOL.. It's all traditional here. I collect Santa things. I just love the big guy!! We put up a little 4 foot tree on a table, since it's just the 2 of us. I will do it the weekend after Thanksgiving. I am going to have my daughter get the stuff down for me, when she's here for Thanksgiving.


God Bless~

Katie Mae said...

OK... I LOVE the ShamWOW! They actually have a box of ShamWOWs at my Wal-Mart, $20.00! The Germans make it so you know it's gotta be good!

I also like the knife infomercials! I am intrigued by being able to saw a brick or tin can with a knife and then slicing right through a tomato with absolutely no effort at all... and NO DULLING! Those things are guaranteed for life ya know!?!?!

I have decided to share all my Internet secrets with you so you can take over the Internet. Some of them are GOOD secrets... like remember when I hacked PRU and half of AOL? LOL! Hell, all I can show you is how to see hidden friends and read peoples e-mails. I read yours to me!


I totally need to see a photo of that tree!