Friday, November 28, 2008

No one was harmed during the making of the Turkey

you read it here folks. i successfully made it through another Thanksgiving without burning down the kitchen. You'd think people would forget 'the great 1991 kitchen fire' but no, thats not the case. Jenny and i did a great job. Scotty of course, sleeps during the day, due to his graveyard job, but we like it that way. There's no fights. He shows up just in time to carve the turkey, and then do the dishes. See? i'm pretty smart.
Jenny has a job babysitting the neighbors dog since they went to Fresno for a week. (who the hell goes to Fresno on purpose?) so they offered up their home to us to use as a place for Thanksgiving. Now, to look at the outside of their home, you'd think, ew, no thanks. But when i walked in, i was pleasantly surprised. i'm not one to judge, since we live in a teeny tiny apartment (which i love by the way) but to eat dinner at a fancy table, cook in a new stove and watch Scotty clean up, why say no?? So here's some pictures from our day.
I figured out how to make a little photo album at Picturetrail!

now, dont get me wrong, my entire day was not without issue. i should have known that i could NOT get away from Sasquatch and her issues. She called hub's phone and left a voice mail telling him to 'call me off'. She goes on during the voice mail to threaten me endlessly and call me names, and tells Scott what an asshole he is for putting up with me. So i called mom in law and put my foot down. i told her that until she stood up to Sasquatch, I was absolutely done with them. I told her Jenny was afraid to come to the house, and that was enough for me. To put it in a nutshell, My sister in law is bipolar, wont take her meds,and her 6'2 350 lb frame did a Chuck Norris on me 2 months ago and she injured me, and scared the crap out of Jenny. took 5 people to get her fat ass off of me. i didnt call the cops because both of my inlaws are disabled, have health issues and are completely passive people. So, thats the reason we live on Waltons Mountain. i guess i should thank Sasquatch, shouldnt i? *giggle*

Jenny and i also started setting up the tree. i'm about 3/4's of the way done. Jenny quickly got bored. she knows that i am really anal about our traditional tree trimming, so she began to tap her nails, sigh every 5 minutes, ask how long it would take, etc. so i shooed her downstairs to the neighbors to walk the dog and triple check that the kitchen was clean. My money says she's sitting on the couch texting her friends. The tree is black, with light blue ornaments. i've just got to put about 4 more ribbons on it. Since the tree is black, i couldn't use my regular tree skirt, which is silver. I did NOT want a tree that praised the Raiders, so we used a spongebob blanket of Jennys. it actually turned out cute

now, i'm off to eat some more turkey, and put on some sweats so i can eat more turkey tomorrow! here's a pic of Jenny and I from yesterday. we dont get dressed up for turkey, why should we?

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Vanessa said...

I love it Miss Debbie. Your Christmas tree is gorgeous, and the not praising the Raiders part made me laugh out loud...haha!

And as far as sasquach goes, maaaan, she must be pissed that she's still living in a little room at a house that isn't hers.

That's probably it though...she has got to be so darn jealous of you.

Glad you had a super Thanksgiving, I'm so proud of what you've done to your home, it's CUUUUTE! =)