Saturday, November 29, 2008

Heaven doesnt want me, Hells afraid I'll take over.

I do believe that the economy sucks. i know the economy in the Tice household blows, but the way i see it, i'm still alive, snatching myself from the evil claws of death. You know the old saying, 'Heaven doesnt want me, and Hells afraid i'll take over'. i'm sure that it applies to me. I'm alive and well as of this writing. No thanks to Health Net, or Walmart and the ridiculous amount of money they dig out of hubs paycheck every two weeks.

Dont get me wrong, i totally appreciate what the health insurance affords us. For instance... when i had breast cancer, and went through chemo. i was told each chemotherapy treatment (called Adriamyacin/cytoxin also known as A/C Chemo) went for a bargain rate of 15,000 dollars. and i had 4 of those treatments and 4 Taxotere treatments. not to mention, 2 breast surgeries, hospitalization, numerous doctor visits, and 33 radiation treatments. i've also been on 3 month visits to the oncologist for 6 years. All of that has to amount to a ton of money, and we get it for a mere 188 dollars a paycheck. But, when you are low on money, there are times when you think, how much is my life worth?

Enough of that drivel. i look down at my keyboard and realize i eat too much at my computer desk. i can see dustings of breakfast (well, nacho's) and part of my tangerine peel. This means that i have to buy that stuff that blasts dirt out of the keyboard. i HATE that shit. i hate loud noises.

Which brings me to another thing on my mind today. Rules and Phobias. Actually, in my life, they are one in the same. I have rules for just about everything, and if i cannot handle a phobia, then a rule will come of it.

my first and foremost rule is 'i eat nothing called Loaf, Log or Whiz'
i hate balloons.
do not touch my magazine before i've had a chance to read it.
i never eat leftovers.
i will not put my hand in floating water (the sink monster you know)
wet toilet paper makes me gag.
When something unavoidable is about to happen, i plug my ears. (like running over a squirrel)

i am sure i have a form of OCD somewhere. but since i'm also afraid of capital letters, i cant have it. lol i'm kidding.

Thats it for today. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. if you click the follow me option, i'd appreciate it. if you have a blog, then i'll follow yours too! thank you for choosing MsDebAgain

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