Monday, January 23, 2017

Just when you thought i was done.....

Oooops, i've neglected my reader (which is probably me). a lot of stuff 
has been happening.

In November, using money i had left over from our 25th anniversary trip to Vegas, i made another trip to Vegas, solo.  No i'm not rolling around with my money at home. we saved for over a year to be able to afford our Vegas trip back in June.  When we came home from that trip, i had enough money to buy a new TV, a tv stand and still some left over to take myself on a well deserved trip.  

i stayed at the Wynn and loved it. would i stay there again? Probably not. the price is insane, but the view, amazing.  i was well out of my element there (i pride myself on being white trash) but it was a nice places to stay at for 4 days.

Then sometime around Christmas my daughter asked me to come visit her in Hawaii. With some help from a good friend of mine, i was able to fly to Oahu for 10 days.  To say i love Alaska Air is a bold understatement.  Hawaii as usual, was beautiful, and not too hot.  It was a nice visit, but i missed my cold weather :)

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