Monday, April 18, 2016

Heaven got a Princess for a new angel

today, we had to put our adorable Pit rescue Princess to sleep.  Hub called me and said he heard a loud yelp and thought another dog was in the yard. He went to investigate and Princess was lying on her side in the sun (it wasn't a cold day today either) panting.  he managed to put her on a blanket and dragged her to the shade.  She couldn't lift her head up, so he poured water on the ground for her to drink.  

when i got home, she looked so ill, and in so much pain.  I sat by her side and rubbed her head and face, and held her paw. if i tried to move, she would move her head letting me know she needed me.
it was apparent something traumatic had happened. We called our vet who came to the house.  Princess had more than likely had a stroke.  She was an elderly dog (close to 14) and it was apparent her time in our lives had reached its end.

Needless to say i bawled like a baby.  And like a total coward i couldn't stay while she was euthanized. I wish that i was strong enough to handle that, but not with pets. I've been with family that have passed over the years, but it's different with animals.

So, while hub held Princess' paw, the doctor injected a pain killer first.  Then tried to find a vein, but she couldn't so she injected her with the meds needed to give her peace.  It broke my heart, but she's so much better off.  We are a blessed family to have had Princess in our lives. I can truly say she made us smile every single day.  It will be sad to walk down the stairs of our home and not see Princess waiting for me. I would say "who's the prettiest princess in the whole wide world?" 

Hug your pets if you've got them.

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