Saturday, December 31, 2011

lets make it a great one

Christmas is over here. We had a wonderful day which started off opening presents and then with some Birdzilla (aka Turkey). Some things seemed to go awry, but as always, being the troopers that we are, we handled it well.

hub got me a computer, a brand new one. It was an HP. I got it all set up, and it was missing wires, and just would not turn on. So back it went. I upgraded to an Acer with a lot more capabilities. Got it all hooked up, was just standing there admiring it, and poof, it stopped working. WHAT? yeah, thats what I said. Rather than deal with customer service (why should i do that when i should return it? i mean, come on, good money spent, just to send it back to the company after 5 minutes online?). well, it seems that 3rd time is the charm. This one works perfectly. I did get a bit peeved at Linksys (the wireless router company). I HATE when i buy a product here, and I have to talk to customer service in India. One hour on the phone, and by the end of the conversation i was so frustrated, i just gained a bit of patience and figured it out myself.

Before Christmas, hub and i decided on a 22 inch TV for the bedroom, and i put it on layaway. He opened it up Christmas morning, and put it in the bedroom. Well, it wasn't much bigger than a computer monitor. So i told him to return it and upgrade to a bigger size. he came home with a 37 inch Vizio. Its big, especially for our teeny tiny bedroom, but its nice. The price was right, so it seems like it was meant to be in my house.

Jenny enjoyed her first Christmas as an adult. It seems strange that i'm calling her an adult, since she's always going to be my baby.

i will be posting pictures as soon as i get them transferred from my card to this new computer. If you are my Facebook friend, i've got them posted there already.

One last thing. New Years Resolution. I've decided to really try and do it this year, and i hope to STICK TO IT! Gonna try to stick to a good diet, no fried food, more veggies (blech) and exercise. Daughter and I are members of CRUNCH, a gym franchise here. 3 days a week we are going to drive down the hill from Waltons Mountain and hit up the gym. So, wish me luck!

i'd like to wish you all a safe, fun, and healthy New Years Eve and a fantastic 2012. I hope to make it a great one!

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Debbie said...

Love ya Deb. Happy New year. It's hard when our kids grow up and become adults. Mine are all married with children, but still my babies. It happens so fast! I will have to go to FB and see those pics. I am not sure I saw them. I didn't take my computer with me to Carrie's, so relied on my phone and that doesn't show me everything. I need to try and keep in better touch this coming year!!!

God Bless~