Friday, November 11, 2011

I'm not ready to go to heaven...or hell.

happy 18th birthday to my Jenny Punkin Pie, who turned 18 on November 8th. We started out the day heading to Knotts Berry Farm. To say that place sucked would be a great understatement. They open their gates at 10am, but the majority of the rides don't open until noon. so, that gave us 2 hours (Since i'm never late) to sit around and do nothing.

Some of the rides were closed, and the place was a ghost town. The gift shops were dull, and way overpriced. Most of the food places were closed, and after 3 hours we had finally ridden just 2 rides, we were done. We ate at the chicken restaurant that was on-site at Knotts (which was awesome!) and then made the 2 hour drive back to San Diego.

Since Jennifer was now 18, she could legally gamble at the Indian Casino's here. Her first request was to head to Barona Casino. Its probably the nicest of all our local indian casinos here. She signed up for her players card, and then the nice lady gave us 2 free buffets! Believe me when i say, Barona's got one of the best buffets. So, we had our buffets, gambled a bit, and left. Before we left we decided to try one more game, Alice in Wonderland. Jenny ended up winning 91.00 on it! She has no clue how she won it, but she gladly accepted the money :)
We proceeded to visit 3 other casinos near our home, and had a blast. Finally around 130am, we both decided we were beat, and headed for home. Long day of fun finally over.

Upon waking the next morning, i saw the news, and they were telling a story about someone robbing Barona and that shots were fired! this happened about 2 or so hours after we left. Wow!

Yesterday (November 9th) we headed into town to grocery shop. on the way home, traffic was braking like crazy. Now up here on Waltons Mountain, we never have traffic. I looked around and couldn't figure out what the issue was. All of a sudden, traffic started splitting to the right and left, and here comes this black Scion, speeding down the middle lane barely avoiding cars, going to the wrong way.
This person missed my car by about an inch. i just closed my eyes and prayed we weren't going to be hit. Jennifer was with me, and said all she saw was his face, but he had no expression. i watched in my rearview mirror, and just past us, he ran into someone who just couldn't get out of the way. He ended up dying from his injuries.

When i got home, i was online and found out that earlier in the morning, his wife and 16 year old son were headed to the boys high school, when her tire blew out on their truck and the vehicle rolled over off the freeway and down and embankment. The 16 yr old wasn't wearing a seatbelt, and was thrown from the vehicle and killed. The mom was life-flighted to the hospital. They are saying the father was so distraught, and was trying to commit suicide.

While i feel bad for the family, this man almost wiped out MY family. Not to mention the 40 or so cars on the freeway trying to get out of his way while he was on a suicide mission. I don't think I've ever been so scared about anything in my life. My daughter will never forget seeing that mans face. My heart breaks for the mom and the loss of her son, but as for the father? Why couldn't you just drive off a cliff? Or run into a bridge? Why try to hurt so many people who had NOTHING to do with your sons death? I'm sure almost everyone who you tried to kill (myself included) would do anything they could to help you cope with your sons tragic death. I can forgive this man, but i can never forget. Although, for the time being, I'm angry at his callousness.

I will say I came so close to losing the absolute light of my life, and probably my own life, the one thing he did accomplish was make me appreciate life just a little bit more.

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