Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Its about that time!

Wow! Time has sure flown. I'm sorry to my reader, but life gets in the way sometimes. Its just a few days before Santa gets here. Since we don't have a chimney, Jenny will do like she always does, she will draw a picture of one, and hang it by the tree. :)

Had some health issues. Ever since my diagnosis, near death experience, and 7 day hospitalization for Diabetic Ketoacidosis in 2007, I've been a completely compliant diabetic. BUT, somewhere along the line, my A1c began to creep up. For a LONG time it remained at 5 or 6. Then it inched up to 7. Still not alarmed, i seemed to have gotten lazy. I was busy with Jennifer being a senior. Busy trying to get the house in order. Busy putting everyone first... but me.

I went to my doctor last week, and to say i had a bad visit would be an understatement. I gained some weight. Ugh. My A1c was 10.0. Yes, TEN! Its amazing how that can sneak up on a girl. My kidneys were spilling protein. So after giving them blood, and urine, the doc changed my lisinopril to a stronger dose. She increased my Novolog. I also got my yearly flu shot, and went on my way.

That night, Scotty was getting a cold, so we quarantined him in the bedroom, as he's a crummy sick man. He had it bad, and we didn't want any part of it. However, we did end up with chest congestion and a cough, and no appetite, but we're up and running a couple days later, a few pounds lighter. I was worried how this would affect my blood sugar. After all, I ate NOTHING from Thursday night to Monday afternoon. I checked my sugar when i felt like sitting up, and it was on the low side. In fact, when i was trying to make some chicken in the oven, it fell to 61, so hub finished cooking.

Today, after going back on Novolog and eating, my sugars are a beautiful thing. I've revamped my eating habits. I have tossed ANY food that is not diabetic friendly right out of my house. Basically, we're doing what we first did after my DKA. WEEEEE everyone gets to be diabetic!

We're ready for Christmas. My cute little black tree is up. Presents are wrapped. and only one cat plays with the tree. I was hoping for snow on Christmas day, but not this year :(

Here's one more thing. There is a calendar coming out from Susan G Komen. The supporters are The San Diego Enforcers who are policemen, firemen, etc that play semi-pro football. The calendar has 12 breast cancer survivors that are featured in the calendar. Now, guess who is the December 2011 Survivor? Me! Yours truly! I'll have more info soon!

Merry Christmas to you and your families!


jojo said...

glad you finally checked in and that you are feeling better. Woo-hoo on the calendar, I can't wait to hear more. Happy Holidays

Debbie Jean said...

Oh wow, Deb.. I can't wait to hear more about the calender. That's wonderful. I know a celebrity!!!

Take care of yourself my friend. I love ya so. We will definately have a white Christmas. We are going up to carrie's where it should be white also.

Thanks for the Christmas card. I didn't get any sent out :( Lazy year for me.

hey looks like you have 2 readers!!! LOL.. Me and Jojo!!!

God Bless my dear friend and Merry Christmas!!!!