Sunday, June 14, 2009

Women are the tougher species.

Where have i been? Oh thats right, we've got a tuberculosis ward going on right in this house. Okay, not really, but it sure as heck sounds like one. It all started with Jenny getting sick. She coughed for over a week, so i took her to the doctor, and she had bronchitis. She took her course of anti-biotics, and was just about done, when i got the cough.

now, you are probably saying 'big deal, a cough'. There's nothing normal about it, when i get a cough. I cough for weeks on end, and its awful. Back, when i was pregnant with Jennifer, i coughed so hard, and long, it busted a rib. To this day, the break shows up on X-rays. So, needless to say, i hate coughing, AND of course, my family hates it. I'm into week 2 with this cough. no cold or anything, just the cough. and now, Jennifers is back again.

Not to be outdone, the biggest baby of them all has a cough. Scottymon. First his precious ears clogged up. Then he has a sore throat. He came home from work with a large bottle of Dayquil, 2 packages of cold medicine, and a big fat attitude. You'd think he was in the middle of his last day on earth. Whine, snivel, and of course, too sick to go to work. I can handle it when he stays home from work, thats what sick time is for. But stop whining. Men are such babies!

Today we have a barbecue planned with the neighbors. Ribs, corn on the cob, and baked potatoes. Scotty is having a temporary miracle cure, because he LOVES to barbecue. He's marinating the ribs, preparing them for the barbecue. But i'm sure when its all said and done, he'll be taking his last breath in bed tonight.

Jenny and I saw The Taking of Pelham 123. I have the serious hots for Denzel Washington, and i've loved John Travolta since he was on Welcome Back Kotter. I was going to marry him, but someone forgot to tell him. The movie was awesome, and JT makes THE best evil guy, he was awesome. Jenny was going to see Up, but changed her mind and went to see my movie. So, next week, we'll go see Up 3D.

Okay thats it. Enjoy your day. xoxo

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