Saturday, May 2, 2009

If i had money i'd buy more money

Its a lazy Saturday here on Waltons Mountain. Well, only lazy because there's limited money until my payday on the 13th. So, we have done something we've never really stuck to before..... made a food menu. We've tried it before, but failed. We only failed because we had money in the bank, and were too lazy to stick to the menu. When we werent in the mood to eat what was on the menu, we'd drive down off the mountain and eat fast food. But now, if we dont stick to it, we starve. Simple as that.

I refuse to ask mom in law for any money to get us through. I've paid all of the bills, there's enough money set aside for gas to get Scotty to get to work, my medications are all refilled, so we're good to go.
One good thing is the nearby casino sent Scott and I free buffet coupons, so Jenny can have dinner with the neighbors one night, and Scotty and I can eat Viejas buffet. all for free! Its all in the timing.

I printed out a calendar for May. As a family, we planned out a menu that we could afford, and made a list of things that we could afford to buy at the store, and tomorrow i'll be going to the store, and for once, will be sticking to my grocery list. There's a few things that I will be getting, that arent on the menu. My Tejava teas. They are on sale at Albertsons for a buck! they are usually $1.59, so a bargain is a bargain!

My wonderful Tejava Tea

There's also Scottys soda's and Jennys beloved Pizza Rolls. But thats gonna cost a total of 10 bucks, so if thats the worst that will hit us, i'm fine with that.

I've managed to actually do a bit of work around here today. i cleaned the kitchen. This is NO big feat, considering the size of my kitchen. I also used my little Dirt Devil and got a couple of stains up out of the carpet (Jennys soda). But, my back tells me when its had enough, so here i sit!

the kitchen when we moved in.

okay, thats it for today! I'm going to watch me some Food Network, and look for meal ideas on the internet! xoxo

....and to the 3 people that will come here and read this, and try to mock me, my lifestyle and lack of money (you know who you are) dont you fret. I am proud of what i have, where i live, and the friends in my life. And to you 3? i'm proud that none of you are in my life!

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Debbie Jean said...

I hope I am not one of those 3 people you are speaking of. Who has the right to tell you how to live your life anyways? Lack of money? Who doesn't have lack of money right now? And your life on Walton's Mtn, sounds wonderful to me.

We do the menu things all the time. We have to, to be able to eat. I have always done that, even when my kids were little. It was on the fridge and they always knew what we were having and knew food would be on their plates. Nothing shameful about that!!

I am glad that you are in my life, that you will be OK, cancer free still, and that we will one day meet.

David has a colonscopy and endoscopy on Tuesday, so keep him in your thoughts. He is having it at the VA hospital. Kind of scares me.

Love ya friend.

God Bless~
Debbie Jean